Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 3: worst dressed at the oscars

Hey everyone! 
So my last blog post was the best dressed at the oscars. To read that post click here. So this will be my worst dressed at the oscars.

Helena Bonham Carter:
I think that she was going for grungy chic or something like that, which I think could work for her. I just am not the hugest fan of the neckline. I hink that this would look better with sleeves and a boat cut neckline. I don't know, this just looks a little weird and off and not that flattering on her. 

Kristen Stewart:
I really like her dress, but I am not the hugest fan of the hair. The dress is so elegant and pretty, but the hair looks like she just woke up. I think that if she curled it or pulled it into an updo it would look so much better!
Melissa McCarthy:
I don't like this dress because I feel like it is a tad bit shapeless and makes her look bigger than she should. I think that its because she isn't showing any skin with a slit or low neckline and she is wearing a dress with lots of fabric. I thought that she was hilarious when she was presenting with Paul Rudd too!

So that was my top 3 worst dressed actresses at the Oscars. Let me know who you thought was the worst dressed in the comments and subscribe to my blog!

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