Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 3: best dressed at the oscars

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do my top 3 best dressed actresses at the oscars. I know that there were lots of really beautiful dresses at the oscars, but these are just my 3 personal favorites.

Amy Adams:
I love her dress because It is large, but the fitted bodice makes it look flowy and romantic instead of oversized. I also love how she pulled back her hair because it pulled the attention away from her hair and to her dress.

Jennifer Lawrence:
Her dress is another really pretty one. Like Amy, she has a fitted bodice that gets larger at the end. She also pulled back her hair and I really like how she didn't over accessorize, but just did a little bit of sparkliness with the clutch and earrings.
Jessica Chastain:
I love her dress because the silhouette is really flattering for her and the beading is really gorgeous. I also love her curls because it really looks "hollywood glam!" Her makeup is also really pretty!

So that was my top 3 best dressed actresses at the oscars. Let me know your top 3 in the comments and subscribe to my blog!

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