Thursday, February 7, 2013

Product review: wet n wild "comfort zone" palette

Hey guys!
So the other day I went to CVS and picked up the wet n wild "comfort zone" palette. For my haul on that click here. So this post is going to have some swatches and a review. 

First off, this is my first wet n wild eyeshadow purchase. I know some beauty gurus raved about it, but I didn't get a chance to check it out until recently. The eyeshadow formula is great. It is really nicely milled and has a "creamy, buttery" feel to it, where a powder has a really smooth, nice texture. Because of this texture, some of the more sparkly shades have a little bit of fallout. This can be minimized if you tap off the brush before applying the shadow to your eye. This shadow also has great pigmentation. Feel free to disagree, but I think that these shadows have as good pigmentation or even better pigmentation than MAC shadows. 

Let's start with the right column. These are the more neutral shades, although I would say the whole palette is neutral. The first shade is a yellowy, cream color highlight shade. This is a really pretty inner corner highlight color and it has a pretty good amount of shimmer in it. The next shade is a peachy color. It is also shimmery, and is a good all over lid color. It's not a really unique color, but I think that it is pretty. The next shade is a medium brown. It still is a shimmery color, but I think that it has less shimmer than the other ones. The last shade is a glittery shade. It is a deep, dark brown with red/burgandy shimmer to it. It is so gorgeous, although the shimmer doesn't translate too well onto the eyes and on the eyes it looks more dark brown/black than how it looks in the pan. Beware! This color has fantastic pigmentation so only use a little!
The left column has the more "fun" shades. It is a more green/olive neutral look. The first color is supposed to be a highlight. It is a gray color, that for me, is a little too deep to be a highlight. I would use this as a lid color instead, but if you have darker skin then this may work as a highlight color. The next color is the green. It looks beautiful and has some shimmer. The only bad thing about this shade is that it's a tad sheer. This isn't a problem because it can be built up, but if you compare it to the other colors in the palette, it doesn't have the same pigmentation as them. The next color is a super deep black brown that has golden shimmer. Once again, fantastic pigmentation. It says to use it as a crease color, but I think that is pretty intense, so I would use it on the outer V instead, but you do what you would like to. The last shade is my favorite! It is a duochrome blue/burgundy brown color. It is so gorgeous. I think that for a night out partying or something this color would be so pretty because the color reflects amazing! I'll do a tutorial using this soon! Just a note, when using this color try to use a navy/black base because it'll get the duochrome to show up better.
So overall, I think that this is a fantastic palette for $5. You should totally check it out if you are looking for a great neutral palette with a twist! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, and subscribe to my blog.

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