Thursday, February 28, 2013

Product review: Maybelline Vivids (shocking coral)

 Hey everyone!
So I did a haul recently (I'll link it here) and in this haul I got the maybelline vivids lipstick in "shocking coral". I know that if you are a fan of makeup blogs you probably have already seen a review of this collection, but I thought that I would share my thoughts too!

So this shade is more pink than it is coral. I think that this is worth noting because if you are looking for a true coral or a more orangy coral, this is not it. I think that the finish of this lipstick is good and it has a really nice moisturizing feel on the lips. It also applies really smoothly and nicely and evenly. The color payoff is amazing and you can get an opaque color in one swipe! This color is pretty close to being neon, but it is very bright! I think that this color is really nice and if you are interested in a nice pinky/coraly shade this would be a good one to check out!

So tell me in the comments what your favorite shade from the "vivids" collection you like the most and maybe I'll buy it! Also rate this post in the bottom and subscribe to my blog :D
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