Thursday, February 21, 2013

Outfit of the day: cute and comfy

Hey everyone!
So honestly, this is going to be a pretty boring outfit of the day post. It was really cold and I wanted to wear something cute and comfortable. I am wearing a sweater from old navy in a creamy white color. I am also wearing jeggings from hollister. 

A styling tip when wearing big sweaters: I am petite, so when I wear chunkier knit sweaters like this one, I want to wear a fitted bottom. Today, this meant jeggings, but you could wear leggings or even shorts with them. I don't want to wear flowy skirts, wide jeans, or bigger (not fitted) pants because that makes me look shapeless and honestly, for petite girls, it's not that flattering.  

So that was my outfit of the day! 

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