Saturday, February 23, 2013

Makeup of the day: tropical teal eyes

So the other day in my makeup of the day/how to do eye makeup post (I'll link it here) I said that I had a teal eye look that I would be doing. So this post will help you recreate it!

So this is the palette I used. I think that it's CVS brand and it was super cheap. I am going to use the white, dark teal, light blue, gold, and black color. All of these shadows have glitter/heavy shadow to it. Feel free to substitute your own shadows if you would like to!

I would apply a shadow base first just to make the look more vibrant and last all day. I applied the shimmery white shade all over the lid and also under the browbone. Build up the shade a little bit more on the inner half of the lid because you want it to look really bright!

 Apply the gold shade into the crease. Also, apply the dark teal shade to the outer crease and outer half of the lid. Focus on building up the color. Then take a new brush (clean brush) and blend out the crease and the lid shades. You can also blend out the browbone shade too if you want to!
Take the black shade on a crease brush and "stamp" it on the outer corner of the eye. Make sure that you focus on the outer "V" of the eye and make sure that the teal color is still visible!
 Blend some more!!! Take the same clean brush and blend the black color into the white lid color and the teal outer lid color. Don't overblend, or it will become muddy!

 For a fun pop of color, take the light blue shade and apply it in the inner tearduct of the eye. Layer that a bit until you get a nice baby/vibrant light blue color. 

To finish the look, I used a nice neutral pinky gloss (I used Guava from Stila) and I applied a peachy color to the cheeks (I used Immortal flower from MAC)

So that was my tropical teal eye look! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe to my blog if you like it!

Products mentioned:
CVS palette
Jordana eyeliner
Model co mascara
Immortal flower blush
     Review of this blush
Stila "guava" lip glaze
     Review of this lip glaze

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