Monday, February 25, 2013

Makeup of the day: super easy and super fast

Hey everyone!
So you probably saw the blog post that I did recreating Wayne Goss's makeup look. If you didn't, I'll link it here. Anyways, I was in a rush this morning and quickly redid that makeup, but instead of using my wet n wild "comfort zone" palette, I used a physicians formula one. So here is my look and how to do it!

 This is the palette I used! I think it's called shimmer strips for brown eyes or something like that. IDK I'll link it in the bottom in case your interested. In this tutorial I'm going to use the lightest brown (brown on the farthest right), the medium highlight color (middle champagne color) and a deep dark brown (the farthest left brown) But you can substitute your own shadows for these!

Apply the champagne color all over the lid bringing it in to the inner tearduct area and under the browbone as well. This is going to brighten your eye and make you look super awake and bright even if you aren't :D

Then apply the light brown color into your crease and blend! Then take the really dark brown color and apply that to the outer portion of your crease and the outer part of your lid and blend it in to the lighter champagne color so you get a gradient effect on your lid. Also blend around the edges so you don't have any harsh lines.

 To finish the look, I applied a black liquid liner to my top lashlines and a coat of mascara. I applied covergirl blush in "pretty peach" (for a review of that blush click here) and I applied a little bit of lip balm (clear) and a tad bit of wet n wild "nouveau pink" lipstick to get a "natural hot pink lip". 

So that was my makeup look that's super easy, super fast, and super wearable! Let me know what you think of it in the comments! Also subscribe if you like my blog!

Products mentioned
Physicians formula palette

Jordana eyeliner
Model co mascara
Covergirl blush
Wet n wild lipstick

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