Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Makeup haul: Sephora, MAC, and CVS

Hey everyone!
So me and my friend (aka the other makeup obsessed person in our group :D) went shopping at our local mall today! We went a little crazy and we bought some things from Sephora, MAC, and CVS!

 Lip stuff!
So I finally found the Maybelline vivids collection at my local CVS!!! I got the lipstick in the color Shocking Coral because that was the lipstick that looked the prettiest and the one that I wanted to try first! I think I may go back and buy some more of these later! From Sephora I got a Sephora brand Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in the color "coral glow". Sense a coral obsession here? I put this on right after buying it and it is gorgeous and I love it! This was on sale for $5 so it was one of those "impulse" buys because it is cheaper than those revlon jumbo pencils at the drugstore! Lastly, from MAC I bought a lusterglass in "springbean". I wanted to buy this for like forever, but since it's being discontinued this year it was all sold out online. I really wanted to get it so I bought it from my MAC counter! I also bought a lipstick from MAC for my mom and it was in the color "hot gossip". It's a rosy neutral color that is a little deeper and really pretty. She can review that for you if you want! And I'll do reviews on all these products later.
So all of my face/eye products I bought were from Sephora. I got a glitter eyeliner in 07 gold because I needed a new gold eyeliner because we use this all the time in cheerleading and my other one ran out. It also helped that this was on sale :D At the checkout line there was this set from benefit called "coral my world" it included a mini coralista blush and a mini sunbeam. I have always wanted to try coralista and it was $12 so I was like, "why not!". I will also do reviews on all of these products later!

So that's what I bought from sephora, mac, and cvs! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you think of them in the comments! Also, please rate this post at the bottom and subscribe to my blog!

Jumbo pencil
Shocking coral lipstick
Springbean lusterglass
Coralista blush
Sun beam highlighter
Coral my world set
Glitter eyeliner

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