Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to: Use dry shampoo and cheap alternative

 Hey everyone!
So it is getting warmer out and I think that I am going to start using more dry shampoo. I try to use dry shampoo every other day or so when I don't wash my hair. dry shampoos can get costly after a while and I don't think that its worth it! I think that using baby powder is more cost efficient and does the same thing as other dry shampoos! So this is how to use it. 
Shake some dry shampoo over your hair near your part. I try to shake it right on my part onto the roots. I also shake some onto my roots near the hairline. I let this sit for a few seconds to start soaking up the oil. Then I massage it into my scalp to get rid of the white look. Also, use a brush (preferably a bristled brush) and brush through the hair to get rid of the excess and help distribute the powder. I try to apply more powder than I need (to a certain extent), but if you have dark hair you should be careful because if you use too much, you can leave a gray tint in your hair. 

So that's how I use dry shampoo! Let me know what your favorite dry shampoo brands are in the comments!

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