Friday, February 15, 2013

how to: hot pink lips

Hey guys! 
So I'm going to do a hot pink lips tutorial. I have been doing some hot pink lips recently because I think that it is super fun for spring and summer. I used a drugstore lipstick and a higher end lipgloss, but you can substitute in anything you want. So let's get started.
First, whenever you do a bright lip color you need to exfoliate your lips! For me, I use the clarasonic mia and run it over my lips a few times. Next moisturize. You can use any lip balm I like, but I use EOS sweet mint lip balm. Leave it on for 5 minutes or so. While I let it soak in, I do the rest of my makeup! I then wipe it off with a damp paper towel or something like that. Then it's time for the lipstick! Today, I am using wet n wild lipstick in pink nouveau. I apply it straight from the tube, but I am super careful with it because it can stain the skin. I build up the color to my liking (aka super bright) and I blog it a few times to remove the excess lipstick, but if you aren't applying a gloss skip this step so that it keeps the satin finish. I then apply a light coat of lipgloss. I used artistry light up lipgloss in "glitz" It is a shimmery medium pink that looks great on it!
So that's how I do my hot pink lips. Leave your tips for bright lips in the comments!

Products mentioned:
Sweet mint lip balm
Pink nouveau lipstick
Glitz lipgloss

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