Friday, February 22, 2013

How to do eye makeup: basics on lid and crease work

Hey everyone!
So yesterday, Wayne from Gossmakeup on youtube posted a video. It'll be embedded below for you to check out! I decided to try and use his methods (shown in the video) and do my own eye look similar to his! So I'll list the products used below! Also, I did a blue makeup look using the same technique so that will be posted soon. 

So in this video, Wayne teaches you guys how to achieve the perfect eye and he makes it look so stunning that I decided to try it. 

So I recreated this look using the wet n wild comfort zone palette. For a review of the palette click here. So I used a light cream color (browbone shade on the left) all over the lid and highlight and I applied the crease shade on the left to the crease. I applied the crease shade on the right and the define shade on the left to the outer part of the eye. These colors together formed a deep dark black with some red / gold shimmer. I blended it and finished with black liner and mascara.

So that's how to do crease work easily on your eyes! Please subscribe to Goss Makeup artist if you like his channel and leave your requests in the comments below!


  1. I love how you recreated the look, so pretty! :) Great job!!
    xx, Siri