Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to: clean makeup brushes

Hey everyone!
So today I am going to share how I clean my makeup brushes. I don't clean my makeup brushes as often as I should. If you read my virtues and vices post (here), you know that I want to try and deep clean my brushes more often. If you search how to clean makeup brushes on youtube there are endless ways of cleaning brushes, but I am just going to share what works best and is easiest for me to do. 
So first off, I lay down a towel near a sink and get whatever soap I'm going to use. I tend to like to use a moisturizing shampoo or a shampoo/conditioner hybrid because they condition the bristles, which makes a huge difference in natural hair brushes (makes them softer). Today, I am using my hello hydration herbal essences shampoo. 
First off, I get the bristles wet. I put the sink on a slow stream of water, and put the bristles under the stream making sure to angle it downwards. If you angle it upwards, the water can affect the glue in the metal part and make your brush fall apart easier. I then take a little bit of shampoo and start swirling the brush in it. A little shampoo goes a long way! For dome shaped brushes or fluffier brushes (crease brushes, blush brushes, kabuki brushes...) I swirl the brush in circles and for stiffer brushes (concealer brushes, liner brushes, flat shader brushes...) I just move them back and forth. The soap should turn a color depending on how dirty your brushes are. You can rinse them out and repeat this until the water runs clear when you rinse the brushes.  I don't "wring out my brushes" but I gently squeeze the water that I can out of the brush. Keep in mind, this is also the time to shape your brushes so if you want to keep them circular or whatever then try to keep your brushes in a round shape. Then I lay the brushes on the towel keeping the handles on the towel, but the bristles off. This way, the bristles won't be shaped weird because of the table underneath it. Repeat this with the rest of your brushes!
I like to keep my brushes out overnight to dry and I keep mine on the towel to dry. You can move them if you would like, but do not place them in a holder or anything upright. This can also increase the chance of your brush falling apart because the water will drain into the metal part with the glue rather than out. 
That's how I wash my brushes! Let me know how you wash your brushes in the comments below!

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