Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Hair Rinses

Hey guys!
So over the weekend I tried a vinegar rinse on my hair. I read online that you can get natural highlights by using lemon juice, but unfortunately I ran out of lemons. I also read that you could use vinegar to get the same results. So I tried it. I first used a spray bottle of water to get my hair wet. I thought that if my hair was wet, it would be easier to comb in the vinegar. I then used a lot of vinegar (like half a drinking glass full) and dipped a brush in it and combed it through my hair. I did this all over my head until I used up the rest of the vinegar. I sat in the sun for an hour or so until all of the water/vinegar evaporated. Then I walked back into my house and showered so that I could get the rest of the vinegar out of my hair. I didn't shampoo or condition, though. After my hair air dried, I noticed the difference. It was softer and smoother than usual. I have very kinky, textured hair that when you comb though your fingers it feels gross. Now, it was shinier and easier to work with. I want to try more DIY rinses. Like I heard tomato juice brings out red tones in hair and some teas can bring out other colors.

Let me know what other rinses I should try in the comments!

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