Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Dressed at the Grammys

 Hey guys! So I'm going to do a post on the best dressed at the grammys. I already did my worst dressed so if you want to see that click here. So let's start. 

Carrie Underwood:
I love her dress. It is so beautiful and it fits her really well. She isn't one to show much skin, but she still looks super pretty and beautiful in this dress. I also love the big necklace she paired with it! It just looks so fancy and pretty :D

Florence Welsh:
So florence's dress isn't one that I would wear. Or anyone would wear. But I think that it fits her personality well and stands out in a good way. Her leg slit is the perfect length (maybe J Lo should check this out) and I think that the color really stands out against her hair. 

Katy Perry:
I love this dress. This has got to be my favorite dress of the night. I love the color and the fit of the dress. It is very body hugging near the top, but near the bottom if flows. It shows a lot of cleavage and I'm sure CBS didn't appreciate that, but I think that it stands out because of the color and I think that it is one of the more tasteful dresses of the night. (compared to Kelly Rowland)

Natasha Bedingfield:
I have no clue if I spelled her last name correctly. Oops! But I love the color of her dress especially because she matched  it with her lip color. I think that it is a really pretty coral color and really makes her stand out. I also like how her dress is pretty modest (minimal cleavage and not that body con) but with the side cutouts it still is a fun look and adds a little bit of sexiness into it. I think that she just looks amazing!

So another orange dress. I like her dress because it is another flowy dress, but it also has some fun elements in it. I like how the neckline is high because it is something different from what Rihanna usually wears. I also like how there is some sheer parts around her waist because it keeps the dress from looking to monotone and boring. I really like this look on her and she should wear this color more often!

So that's who I thought was the best dressed at the grammys! Let me know who you thought was the best dressed in the comments!

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