Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bath and Body works wallflowers: my collection

Hey everyone!
So I am a huge fan of smelly stuff. Candles and wallflowers are my favorites! So today I am doing a wallflower collection. 

I am going to start from left to right and at the end I'll say my favorites. So first is frosted cupcake, merry mistletoe, cranberry pear bellini, cinnamon sticks, snowflake plugin, flower plugin, sweet pea, mango beachwood, caribbean escape, island colada. 

So the left half is winter/fall scents and the right half is spring and summer scents. I tend to love really fruity scents and really spicy scents so I like some of these scents more than others. I love frosted cupcake because it smells really good. It smells exactly like the name and it is a bakery scent, but isn't overly sweet. My next favorite is cinnamon sticks. It is super spicy and smells like cinnamon, but there is something else in it that makes it seem fresh at the same time. Maybe some christmas tree or something like that. Sorry, I am really bad at describing scents! Next is sweet pea. This is one of my all time favorite scents because it smells sweet and floral. It isn't overpowering, though and smells light and perfumy. My last favorite is Island Colada because it smells like a piña colada. I think that it sort of smells like Coconut leaves candle and a piña colada flavored starburst (one of my favorites)!

Real quick I'm just going to do some of my least favorites. Cranberry pear bellini has a sour or bitter note to it, which I think is the alcohol part of the scent because a bellini is a drink. If you've smelt the peach bellini you probably know what I'm talking about. It isn't my favorite scent, but if I plug it in with the frosted cupcake wallflower it smells sweeter and less bitter. Another of my least favorites is caribbean escape just because it is so strong. I really like the smell of it, but it's one of those that you can't keep plugged in for more than 20 minutes because it gets really overpowering and a little bit unbearable. 

So that is my wallflower collection and some of my favorites! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

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