Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend outfit of the day

Hey guys!
So usually when I do my outfit of the day posts, I am wearing something casual but a little bit dressy. Those outfits are more "dress to impress" than what I usually wear on the weekends so I decided to do a outfit of the day that expresses what I wear on the weekends.
So for my top I am wearing a gray forever 21 crop top. I wear a lot of crop tops on the weekend because they are easy to pull on and don't take a lot of messing with to look good. For my shorts I am wearing old navy perfect 3 1/2 inch shorts. I am wearing gray shorts because I grabbed these first. LOL. But I wear a lot of shorts because it's Hawaii and what else is there to wear? But seriously these shorts look good with any top and are very flattering. My bracelet is the bird cage bangle from jewel mint and I thought that it added a little pizzaz to an otherwise bland outfit. My hair is in a side ponytail and my fragrance today is Coconut Mango body spray from bath and body works. For my makeup of the day click here.
So let me know in the comments what your weekend outfits are like and subscribe if you like my blog posts!


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