Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skylark Snow Kissed Cashmere review

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing the Snowkissed cashmere palette by Skylark. Skylark is Elle and Blair Fowler's makeup brand and this palette is the first eye products that they have released. 
In the palette there are 6 eyeshadows and 1 cheek highlighter along with a full sized double ended brush.

Lace is a matte cream colored eyeshadow. Out of all the shadow shades it is the only matte one and has the weakest pigmentation on the eye as well as in swatches. 
Blitzen is a golden champagne color. It has a good pigmentation and has a very metallic appearance on the eye. It is a beautiful color.
Pinecone is a deep bronze color. This has the best pigmentation out of the bunch. It is deep and sparkly and although it is deep it still blends easily.
Nutmeg is a taupe color although it is more brown than purple. The color looks similar to pinecone in the pan and although they are different in color, they are still very similar. 
Ember is a cranberry shade with golden shimmer. The pigmentation is great and it blends easily. This isn't the most wearable shade, but it looks great around the crease during the fal and winter. 
Shiver is a navy color. It has weak pigmentation and it fades out to nothingness easily. It is a pretty color in the pan, but overall the most disappointing.
Satin Sparks is the cheek highlighter. it is a pink toned gold highlighter that in the pan looks like Blitzen but with more pink tones. It is pretty and blends nicely and is a nice cheek highlighter. 
The double ended brush is okay but the shader side is to thick for my liking because it is thick and a little hard to use. The other blending side is nice but doesn't pick up color very well. It is nice to blend colors though, just not putting it in the crease. 
Overall the palette was a good value especially because I got it for $20 instead of $40. I think that it is a good buy if you like the gold, brown, and red shades but aren't going to be disappointed with weaker pigmentation on the Lace shade and Shiver shade. 
Let me know your thoughts of the palette below!
Snowkissed Cashmere Palette

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