Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Product review: Loreal Color Riche

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing the Loreal Color Riche lipstick in Red. This lipstick is the color I had to wear when I was dancing so it's like a blast from the past to me. Anyways... this lipstick isn't the most opaque, but it is able to build quite nicely. It has a sheen when you put it on and is pretty moisturizing for a lipstick. The wear time isn't the greatest with this compared to other lipstick formulas but I think that this is because this lipstick is so moisturizing. It does stain your lips a little so be aware of that. This color is pretty, it isn't a super dark red, but rather a cherry red that is pretty neutrally toned. 
I like this lipstick, but I don't love it and I think that there are better, more pigmented, hydration lipsticks like cherry tart and red velvet from the revlon lip butter line. 
Let me know what your favorite red lipsticks are in the comments below!
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