Friday, January 25, 2013

Product review: jordana lip gloss

Hey guys! 
I wanted to do a review on jordana lip gloss in the color juicy berry. I recently got this from one of my cheerleading teammates as an end of season present. I love the color. It is a medium pink with a magenta shimmer in it. It is a very pretty color and it reflects the lights beautifully and I think that it looks especially good at football games under the stadium lights. This gloss smells pretty strong of berries and I think that this is because the name of the lip gloss is "juicy berry". Although the scent is a little off putting, when it is on the lips the scent is undetectable. Overall, I like this lip gloss because of the pigmentation and the color and the way that the shimmer reflects lights. I would recommend this lip gloss to everyone and for a couple dolars at the drugstore, I think that it's great.
Let me know what you think of this gloss!

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