Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my beauty virtues and vices

Hey guys! 
I thought that it would be a fun blog post to do my beauty virtues and vices. I just wanted to share with you all some of the good things that I do in my beauty routine and the things that still need some improving.

1) Taking off my makeup every night and washing my face. I always use my clarasonic to wash my face and i haven't missed a day in a while. This is good because it allows your face to breathe and renew itself during the night.
2) Not using makeup everyday. I know this may sound weird coming from a makeup addict, but I think that not using makeup everyday is a virtue because it allows our skin to breathe without having foundation or powders over it and it keeps irritants and chemicals found in products off our skin. Also, it makes me realize that I can go outside with my flaws and everything and still be beautiful!
3) Not washing my hair everyday. I don't wash my hair everyday, I wash it every 2-3 days instead. Although since I have thick, coarse hair, I use a light conditioner on the ends and comb through my hair in the shower. I comb through my hair in the shower because I don't brush my hair and it gets all the hair that would fall out during the day out in the shower so it's easy to throw away. It is a virtue because it keeps my scalp nice and healthy because it doesn't produce more oil to compensate for over washing and it lets my hair stay soft and healthy.

1) Not washing my makeup brushes often enough. I need to start washing my makeup brushes more because old unwashed brushes have bacteria on it that can cause acne and as a person who is already self conscious about my skin, having excess acne isn't great. Also, it keeps the colors that I use day to day on my brushes from muddling together in the hairs so the colors on my face are more true to pan.
2) Not using sunscreen. I don't use sunscreen on a regular basis and this is terrible. I think that this is even worse because I live in Hawaii and I am in the sun on a regular basis. 
3) Not washing all of my waterproof mascara off. At night sometimes I am too lazy to do the extra step and remove my waterproof mascara. This is bad because it weighs my lashes down and it makes them more vulnerable to breaking.

Let me know in the comments what your virtues/vices are!


  1. such a god idea for a post! my virtues and vices are almost identical, haha.. x

    1. thanks! I thought it would be a fun topic to share with everyone