Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mac Brulee Eyeshadow

Hey everyone!
So my collection of MAC eyeshadows is small, but I wanted to review the few eyeshadows that I had for you. Brulee is a matte light skin toned color. It has a slight yellow undertone, but I think that it works well as a skin toned color on anyone. Brulee can look a little powdery on the eye if you use too much, but as a subtle brow bone highlight, it looks pretty. This color doesn't have the best pigmentation, but it is pretty good for a matte shadow. I use Brulee as a brow bone highlighter when I have a very shimmery eye look. 
I would recommend having this color or a similar one in your collection because it is easy to put all over the lid to even out your skin or as a brow bone highlight to add contrast with a heavily shimmery eye.
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