Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Birchbox

Hey guys!
So I know that everyone else got their birchboxes 2 weeks ago or so, but since I live in Hawaii, birchboxes take a little lot longer to get here. So today is the day that my birchbox arrived! So I thought that I would do a little unboxing post. I haven't tried anything out yet, but I'll post reviews on these products once I get a chance to test them.
So the first product in my birchbox is the balm's hot mama blush/shadow. First, I think that the packaging is the cutest! It looks like the full sized packaging, but it is just tinier. It is adorable! For all of you birchbox subscribers who got Mary-Lou Manizer a while back, the packaging is similar to that. It is supposed to be a blush/highlighter in one and form the looks of it, it seems like a peachy pink with golden shimmer. Full size $20
The next product is Embryolisse 24 hour miracle cream. It seems like a regular old moisturizer. The full size is only $16 so I don't see why we couldn't get a bigger sample size, but with that being said, at least it isn't a foil packet!
I got a perfume sample. Okay so before I get into that let me just say me 2 cents on perfume samples. I know some beauty gurus hate them, but honestly I love them. I know that you can get them for free at sephora or at counters, but I can't afford to own many perfumes and these samples let me have a large collection for no money. The perfume is called Skinny Chic from Harvey Prince. It is supposed to be a zesty blend of apple, mint, and lotus blossom. On first smell, I really like it. But I'll have to wear it a little to see how it smells mixed with my skin and stuff. BTW this sample size is big for a perfume! Full size $21-55.
LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara. I know that some people got a serum instead of the mascara, but I actually got the mascara. The sample size is a little small, but it'll last a good couple weeks or so. My one complaint with the sample is that the brush is a little short so it may be hard to apply. Once again, I'll let you know my thoughts on this mascara later. Full size $19.99.
Ojon rare blend oil Total Hair Therapy. This oil looks so cool because there are 3 layers of oil in the sample. My one complaint is that it is going to be a mess to use because instead of a pump, it is a screw off container. Full size $35.
Let me know what you got in your birchbox in the comments below!

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