Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to get out of a makeup rut

Hey guys! 
So I realized this morning when I was putting on my makeup that I wear the same thing pretty much everyday. If you want to see my daily makeup check out my makeup of the day posts! So I have decided to try and use products that I haven't used in a while, use techniques that I haven't tried before, and experiment with colors! So starting tomorrow I am going to try and incorporate these things into my everyday makeup (hopefully not all on one day!)
1) Rock a bright lip! Well it's starting to feel like spring here in Hawaii (check out my other blog to read more about life in Hawaii) and spring means bright colors! I'm going to be rocking bright pink and coral. I've gotta find the maybelline vibrants collection that everyone's talking about!
2) Do some bronzer. I usually only use bronzer for a contour, but I'm going to use a big fluffy brush and start to set my foundation with it. It'll give me a nice bronze glow that is so pretty when it's sunny outside.
3) Use some colored liner. For me, I think that I'm gonna use a bright purple liner because purple complements brown eyes best, but you can use any color in the rainbow! 
Let me know below what your tips are for getting out of a makeup rut!

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