Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clothing Haul Part 2

Hey everyone!
So I got some clothes from my mom's friend and this is part 2 of that haul. For part 1 click here. Anyways this haul is going to have all of the dresses I got and a tank top. 

First, the tank top. It is from Kirra and it is really pretty. It is supposed to be a looser, flowy top and it has a tie in the back. It has an orange/pink/white abstract floral print on it that I think is so great for spring and summer. I will probably wear this with khaki shorts because it will look casual and yet summery and put together. 
 The next dress that I got is a maxi dress. It is formal and beige with white flowers on it. It is really dressy, and I don't really know where/when I would wear it. I think that it would be really pretty with white strappy stilettos or with nude wedges. I would probably accessorize a lot with this dress because it is a neutral color, but it is really elegant and pretty. 
I got a black dress. This is probably my favorite dress. It fits pretty much like a body con, but slightly looser. My favorite part of this dress is the mesh paneling under the bust. It looks really pretty and helps to define my waist and draw attention upwards towards my face rather than downwards. This is the perfect little black dress for me!
The last dress is a brownish dress with red and yellow flowers on it. The colors seem fall, but I think that I'll wear it in the summer with wedges out shopping or out for lunch with my friends. I think that this dress is nice and casual, but also can be dressed up with black heels and a cardigan for a dinner with my family.
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