Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's day makeup

Hey guys! 
So today I am doing my first of many valentine's day makeup. It consists of pink eyeshadow, peachy blush, and peach lips. 
To get this look, first I applied NYX eye pencil in milk all over my lid. I put the balm's hot mama shadow/blush on the lid of my eye. I used pinecone from skylarks snowkissed cashmere palette on the outer v and I used lace from the same palette on the brow bone. I put urban decay 24/7 liner in bourbon on my lashline and smudged it a little bit to give it a sexier, smoldering look. I also ran some of this liner on the outer half of my lower lashline. I put on a coat of model co mascara, but if you wanted it to be more dramatic, you could put on a set of false lashes.
To finish this look I put on a little bit of macs immortal flower blush. For a review of the blush click here. There are lots of lip options that you can do with this eye look. You could go dramatic with a bright pink lip or more neutral with a nude lip. For me, I think that a baby pink lipstick like MACs creme cup would look really pretty and feminine, or a peachy lipstick like revlons lip butter in peach parfait would look more flirty and fun. I used sephora's lipstick from the izak duo. For the review of that lipstick click here.
This was the first of my valentines day makeup look. Let me know what other makeup looks you would like to see in the comments below, and subscribe if you like my blog!

Products mentioned:
NYX eye pencil in "milk"
Hot Mama shadow/blush
Snowkissed cashmere palette
Urban decay 24/7 pencil in "bourbon"
ModelCo mascara
MAC immortal flower blush
Sephora lipstick

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My daily haircare

Hey everyone!
So today I wanted to share my daily haircare routine. This is going to include everything that I do on a day to day basis from shampooing to styling. So let's get in to it!
In the shower:
I shampoo around every 2-3 days. I try to make sure that I shampoo on tuesdays and sundays because those are the days that I do gymnastics, and everyone whos been to a gym knows that it isn't the cleanliest place. I have to shampoo after tumbling because I hate having sweaty gross hair. The shampoo and conditioner that I've been using is by herbal essences. It is the new "honey I'm strong" shampoos and conditioners. For a complete review of it click here
Although I shampoo every 2-3 days, I try to condition my hair everyday. I have thick, coarse, hair and I have a lot of hair so if I don't condition my hair it becomes unmanageable and unruly. I apply conditioner to the ends of my hair and I comb through it with a wide tooth plastic comb that I got for 50 cents at target. I comb through my hair in the bath for 2 reasons. The first is that it lets all of the hair that would normally shed throughout the day come out in the shower so it is easier to clean up than having it all over the floor in my house. The second reason is because I have wavy hair, if I brush my hair when it's dry it becomes frizzy and BIG. Like not voluminous, but frizzy and poofy. So I try to detangle my hair in the shower. I keep on the conditioner for a minute or two while I use my clarasonic. 
Out of the shower (still nighttime) 
After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair. I don't like to blow dry my hair because I don't like to use too much heat on it. Depending on if I am going to straighten or curl it or leave my hair natural the next day, I may apply a straightening balm, or an anti frizz serum. Sometimes I'll put my hair in 2 braids and sleep with them like that if I want loose waves the next day. 
In the morning
If I am straightening my hair I use my PYT flat iron to straighten my hair. I think that's pretty self explanatory. If I am curling my hair I use my conair 1 1/4 inch curling iron. I curl away from my face in relatively large sections because it gives me nice bombshell waves. I curl the face framing pieces a little longer because I like those pieces to have more definition. If I am going with my natural hair, which lets be honest, is most days, I do a center part (it looks best on my face shape) and tease the crown. 
For bad hair days
If I am having bad hair days, I have a few hairstyles that look put together, but mask the hair a little bit more. My favorite is the top knot. It is easy to do and takes like 2 minutes. I just gather the hair on the top of my head like a high ponytail, twirl my hair and secure it with a rubber band. For a nicer look I mess it up a little bit to give it a less polished look. Another one is to do a braid. My favorite is a messy side braid, but a fishtail, or a french braid would get the same effect. The last hair style is a ponytail. In my ponytails I tease the top section a little to give it more volume and I do a high ponytail because it looks preppy and chic.
That's my daily haircare routine. Let me know what yours is in the comments below!

Products mentioned:

Honey I'm Strong shampoo
Honey I'm Strong conditioner
Conair curling iron
PYT straightener

January Favorites

Hey guys! 
So it is time for my january favorites. This post will contain my beauty/fashion related favorites but if you want to see my other favorites check out my other blog (
My first favorite of the month is my skylark snowkissed cashmere palette. If you have seen any of my makeup of the day posts, you know that I use this palette almost every day. To see my full review of this palette click here.
Another favorite of the month is my EOS lip balm in sweet mint. I use this every day and I always have it in my bag. I love the way that it feels on the lips and smells and tastes.
I have also loved my clarasonic this month. I got the mia 2 for christmas and I have been using it every day since. I think that my skin has been looking way better since I have been using it. Let me know in the comments if you would like a review of the clarasonic mia 2. 
My fashion favorite of the month has been hand me downs. Especially the nice ones that I received in my hauls. You should check out the clothes I received in my 2 hauls. To see my haul part 1 click here and to see haul part 2 click here
My last favorite and the my favorite favorite of the month is my blog! I started this blog this month and I love it.
Let me know in the comments what your January favorites are and subscribe to my blog if you like these blog posts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clothing Haul Part 2

Hey everyone!
So I got some clothes from my mom's friend and this is part 2 of that haul. For part 1 click here. Anyways this haul is going to have all of the dresses I got and a tank top. 

First, the tank top. It is from Kirra and it is really pretty. It is supposed to be a looser, flowy top and it has a tie in the back. It has an orange/pink/white abstract floral print on it that I think is so great for spring and summer. I will probably wear this with khaki shorts because it will look casual and yet summery and put together. 
 The next dress that I got is a maxi dress. It is formal and beige with white flowers on it. It is really dressy, and I don't really know where/when I would wear it. I think that it would be really pretty with white strappy stilettos or with nude wedges. I would probably accessorize a lot with this dress because it is a neutral color, but it is really elegant and pretty. 
I got a black dress. This is probably my favorite dress. It fits pretty much like a body con, but slightly looser. My favorite part of this dress is the mesh paneling under the bust. It looks really pretty and helps to define my waist and draw attention upwards towards my face rather than downwards. This is the perfect little black dress for me!
The last dress is a brownish dress with red and yellow flowers on it. The colors seem fall, but I think that I'll wear it in the summer with wedges out shopping or out for lunch with my friends. I think that this dress is nice and casual, but also can be dressed up with black heels and a cardigan for a dinner with my family.
Let me know what you think of the clothes I got! And please subscribe if you like my blog. 

January Birchbox

Hey guys!
So I know that everyone else got their birchboxes 2 weeks ago or so, but since I live in Hawaii, birchboxes take a little lot longer to get here. So today is the day that my birchbox arrived! So I thought that I would do a little unboxing post. I haven't tried anything out yet, but I'll post reviews on these products once I get a chance to test them.
So the first product in my birchbox is the balm's hot mama blush/shadow. First, I think that the packaging is the cutest! It looks like the full sized packaging, but it is just tinier. It is adorable! For all of you birchbox subscribers who got Mary-Lou Manizer a while back, the packaging is similar to that. It is supposed to be a blush/highlighter in one and form the looks of it, it seems like a peachy pink with golden shimmer. Full size $20
The next product is Embryolisse 24 hour miracle cream. It seems like a regular old moisturizer. The full size is only $16 so I don't see why we couldn't get a bigger sample size, but with that being said, at least it isn't a foil packet!
I got a perfume sample. Okay so before I get into that let me just say me 2 cents on perfume samples. I know some beauty gurus hate them, but honestly I love them. I know that you can get them for free at sephora or at counters, but I can't afford to own many perfumes and these samples let me have a large collection for no money. The perfume is called Skinny Chic from Harvey Prince. It is supposed to be a zesty blend of apple, mint, and lotus blossom. On first smell, I really like it. But I'll have to wear it a little to see how it smells mixed with my skin and stuff. BTW this sample size is big for a perfume! Full size $21-55.
LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara. I know that some people got a serum instead of the mascara, but I actually got the mascara. The sample size is a little small, but it'll last a good couple weeks or so. My one complaint with the sample is that the brush is a little short so it may be hard to apply. Once again, I'll let you know my thoughts on this mascara later. Full size $19.99.
Ojon rare blend oil Total Hair Therapy. This oil looks so cool because there are 3 layers of oil in the sample. My one complaint is that it is going to be a mess to use because instead of a pump, it is a screw off container. Full size $35.
Let me know what you got in your birchbox in the comments below!

Birchbox Link (affiliate)
Birchbox Link (non affiliate)

Mac Espresso eyeshadow

Hey guys!
So I have recently reviewed MAC brulee and woodwinked shadow so you should read that if you are interested. Today, I am reviewing MAC espresso eyeshadow. Espresso is a matte finish eyeshadow that I use as both an eye shadow and as a brow color. I think that this is a good brow color for me and I have black/dark brown hair. Espresso has really good pigmentation for a matte eyeshadow and applies really nicely on the eye. It is a medium dark brown that has slightly warmer undertones. I don't think that this color is a must have, honestly, but if you are looking for a) a good brow powder and you have dark hair or b) looking for a good dark/medium matte brown color, then Espresso may be a good color for you!
Let me know what your favorite MAC eyeshadows are in the comments! And please subscribe if you like these blog posts!

Products mentioned:
Espresso eye shadow

Monday, January 28, 2013

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall? 
My favorite drugstore makeup brand would have to be covergirl. I love my nature luxe foundation from covergirl, I think that they have great blushes, and in my opinion, I think they are the best all around makeup brand.
2. What are your favorite face, cheek, and lip products?
Face: my favorite face product is covergirl nature luxe foundation because it is a medium foundation, but can be built up. It also looks very natural and never looks cakey.
Cheek: my favorite cheek product is covergirl cheekers blush in pretty peach. For a review of it click here.
Lips: my favorite lip product is EOS lip balm. My favorite flavor/scent is sweet mint because it leaves my lips feeling tingly and it smells really good.
3. Least favorite product?
Definitely the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow in 360 Stardust. For a review of that click here.
4. Best makeup bargain?
I think the best makeup bargain is maybelline baby lips. They are only $3 or $4 and they are amazing. They aren't super moisturizing, but I think that they are super wearable and amazing to throw in your purse on the way out the door.
5. Favorite underdog product?
Nail polish is considered makeup right? I think that jordana nail polishes are my favorite underdog product because a lot of people don't know/talk about them, but they are one of my favorite polish formulations. For a review of the jordana polishes click here.
6. A drugstore product that's overpriced
All of physicians formula. I think that some of their products are good, such as their eyeshadows. But some of their products are gimmicky. I have their mascara (the dual ended color one) and it is really bad and I have their color correcting powder and although I like the powder, I don't think that it color corrects and you can get the same effect with a cheaper powder.
7. Drugstore dupes?
I think the lightest highlight color in the brown eyes eyeshadow palette by physicians formula is a dupe for the balms mary-lou manizer although the physicians formula one is less shimmery. Also, covergirl cheekers blush in pretty peach is a dupe for mac immortal flower, although pretty peach is slightly deeper and more pink.
8. Drugstore product not worth the hype?
Maybelline great lashes mascara. I have heard lots of people rave about this mascara, but it doesn't work for me at all! I've tried it a lot of times, but it is too wet and it leaves my lashes limp and lifeless. I prefer covergirl lashblast volume because it actually does something to my lashes!

Let me know what your answers are to these questions in the comments below!

Mac Woodwinked eyeshadow

Hey guys!
So in my last post I reviewed MAC Brulee eyeshadow so you should check that out! But today I am reviewing woodwinked. This is a part of MACs permanent collection and is a veluxe pearl finish. Woodwinked is a golden brown color eyeshadow that is really pretty on the eye. It is one of those colors that you can put lightly all over the lid and heavily in the crease and have a presentable look. This is because the color looks lighter in the light and darker in the crease, so it gives a nice contrast with one eyeshadow. I think this color has great pigmentation and applies really nice. I think that this would be a good color to buy if you are interested in some nice neutral colors from MAC.
Let me know what your thoughts are on Woodwinked eyeshadow!

Products mentioned:
Woodwinked eyeshadow

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nail of the day

Hey guys!
So it is time for another nail of the day post! So although the weather here in Hawaii has been rainy (for more info on that click here), I thought that I would brighten up my day with a yellow mani. For this look I used Jordana nail polish in the shade "yellow dazzle". For readers of the blog, you know that I am in love and obsessed with Jordana polishes. (For a review on Jordana nail polish click here). Yellow dazzle is a sunny yellow color that has both regular fine glitter as well as long rectangular glitter. The yellow is not dandelion yellow, but deeper than a lemon yellow color. I think that it is just so sunny and bright and that the glitter in it makes it fun. It applied opaque in 2 coats and I put a top coat of Jordana nail polish in clear. 
I love using bright colors especially when the weather is a little depressing. Let me know what you think of this nail polish and subscribe if you like my blog posts!

Products mentioned:
Yellow Dazzle

Weekend outfit of the day

Hey guys!
So usually when I do my outfit of the day posts, I am wearing something casual but a little bit dressy. Those outfits are more "dress to impress" than what I usually wear on the weekends so I decided to do a outfit of the day that expresses what I wear on the weekends.
So for my top I am wearing a gray forever 21 crop top. I wear a lot of crop tops on the weekend because they are easy to pull on and don't take a lot of messing with to look good. For my shorts I am wearing old navy perfect 3 1/2 inch shorts. I am wearing gray shorts because I grabbed these first. LOL. But I wear a lot of shorts because it's Hawaii and what else is there to wear? But seriously these shorts look good with any top and are very flattering. My bracelet is the bird cage bangle from jewel mint and I thought that it added a little pizzaz to an otherwise bland outfit. My hair is in a side ponytail and my fragrance today is Coconut Mango body spray from bath and body works. For my makeup of the day click here.
So let me know in the comments what your weekend outfits are like and subscribe if you like my blog posts!


Makeup of the day

Hey everyone!
So it is time for another makeup of the day post. Today's makeup is neutral, but with a colored eyeliner instead of the usual black or brown. 
So first I applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk" all over my lid and up to the brow bone. Then I took the color "blitzen" from the skylark snowkissed cashmere palette all over my lid (for a review of the snowkissed cashmere palette click here). 
For that I used my eyeshadow brush 
from the body shop. I used a MAC 217 brush to apply nutmeg from the same palette to my crease and outer v. I used the fluffy blending brush side of the brush that came with the palette and applied lace to my brow bone. I then used a MAC 266 brush to apply shiver to my upper and lower lashline. This was the pop of navy blue in my look. I filled in my brows using the MAC 266 brush again and MAC espresso eyeshadow. I applied 2 coats of Model Co fiber lashextend mascara to my top lashes. I didn't do anything on my cheeks, but you could if you wanted to. For lips I applied a little bit of MAC's lipstick in "to catch a sailor" (for a review of the lipstick click here). And that completed my makeup look. It was super fast and easy and it could be a nice go to look for school/work.
Let me know what you think of this makeup look in the comments below and follow my blog if you like these posts!


Products mentioned:
NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk"
Skylark snowkissed cashmere palette
The body shop eyeshadow brush
MAC 217 brush
MAC 266 brush
MAC espresso eyeshadow
MAC to catch a sailor lipstick

Mac Brulee Eyeshadow

Hey everyone!
So my collection of MAC eyeshadows is small, but I wanted to review the few eyeshadows that I had for you. Brulee is a matte light skin toned color. It has a slight yellow undertone, but I think that it works well as a skin toned color on anyone. Brulee can look a little powdery on the eye if you use too much, but as a subtle brow bone highlight, it looks pretty. This color doesn't have the best pigmentation, but it is pretty good for a matte shadow. I use Brulee as a brow bone highlighter when I have a very shimmery eye look. 
I would recommend having this color or a similar one in your collection because it is easy to put all over the lid to even out your skin or as a brow bone highlight to add contrast with a heavily shimmery eye.
Let me know what you think of MAC Brulee eyeshadow in the comments. And don't forget to follow my blog if you like these reviews!

Products mentioned:
Brulee eyeshadow

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Clothing Haul Part 1

Hey guys!
So today I am doing a haul on some clothing that I recently got. This is part 1 of the haul because the rest of the clothes that I received are in the washing machine right now. Just a disclaimer, I did receive these clothes from a friend of my mom's (so they're like hand-me-downs) so if you are going to take offense to this because I didn't buy it with my own money, please don't leave hater comments and read another of my blog post instead).
So, in this haul I received a purple and pink roxy jacket, a white halter top, and a black/nude dress. So to start off with the jackets, they are both a size small. They fit really well on me and have a super soft and warm lining inside. These jackets have hoods and I have been wearing them to school over a tank top because the weather has been chillier in Hawaii (read: weather update in Hawaii: rain is not my friend). The white halter top that I got is sort of so/so for me. I don't know how much I love this yet because I feel like it is really pretty, but at the same time I feel like it is kind of unflattering on me. It is a halter top and I don't think that this is the best style of tank tops for me because my shoulders aren't my best feature and halter tops show off your shoulders a lot. At the same time I think that the style of the top is pretty because it is flowy and I think that it will be pretty in the spring/summer time as a beach top or a shopping top. Let me know in the comments what you think of this top! The last thing I have in this haul is a black/nude dress. It is a primarily black dress that has sheer fabric layered over a nude/beige fabric. I think that it is so pretty because it looks really girly, but at the same time also very mature. My one complaint about this dress is that the straps are a bit long for my shoulders so the neckline droops quite a bit, but I will probably covert the straps into a halterish type of dress by using a rubberband to secure the 2 straps together in the back. 
I love the clothes that I got and I think that it is a true testimony to how one girl's trash can be my treasure! Stay tuned for part 2 of the haul either coming up later today or tomorrow and please subscribe to my blog if you like my blog posts!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Product review: jordana lip gloss

Hey guys! 
I wanted to do a review on jordana lip gloss in the color juicy berry. I recently got this from one of my cheerleading teammates as an end of season present. I love the color. It is a medium pink with a magenta shimmer in it. It is a very pretty color and it reflects the lights beautifully and I think that it looks especially good at football games under the stadium lights. This gloss smells pretty strong of berries and I think that this is because the name of the lip gloss is "juicy berry". Although the scent is a little off putting, when it is on the lips the scent is undetectable. Overall, I like this lip gloss because of the pigmentation and the color and the way that the shimmer reflects lights. I would recommend this lip gloss to everyone and for a couple dolars at the drugstore, I think that it's great.
Let me know what you think of this gloss!

Products mentioned:
Jordana lip gloss

11 questions tag

Hey everyone! So I stumbled upon this tag today and I thought that it would be fun to do it for you! So without further adieu here is the 11 questions tag!1. When did you get truly passionate about makeup?I got truly passionate about makeup last year, after finding the youtube beauty community and more specifically Elle and Blair's videos. 
2. What’s your favorite eyeshadow, (color or name)?
My favorite eyeshadow of the moment is Nutmeg from the Snowkissed cashmere palette. It is a taupey brown color that I think is so beautiful. (if you want to see my review of the pallete click here)
3. What do you love the most about blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is writing and being able to share my love of makeup with everyone else in cyber space. Although I don't have many readers, I just love the idea of being able to inspire and hopefully be informative to to other people.
4. Which beauty guru/-s or other people, inspire your work?
I think that the makeup gurus that inspire me the most is Blair Fowler because she was really young when she started her videos, but she was still very popular and Nikki Phillippi because her videos are so informative and useful and I hope to make my blog posts informative just like her.
5. What are your three favorite makeup brands, that you would recommend to others?
For eyeshadows I would recommend MAC, blushes Covergirl, lips Revlon, and nail polishes jordana. (For my review on jordana nail polishes click here)
6. Which country is the first one on your list, to visit?
I would love to go to Italy because I love itallian food :D and I would love to see Milan (one of the greatest fashion cities) and Venice.
7. What’s your “go-to” beauty product?
I don't know if you would technecally call it a beauty product, but I never leave the house without an EOS lip balm (my favorite is the mint one)
8. What’s your favorite color to wear on the lips?
I don't wear too much color on my lips, but I love corals especially because coral looks chic anytime of the year in Hawaii!
9. What other interests do you have, besides makeup?
I am a student, so I guess you could call school an interest and I am also a competetive cheerleader at my school.
10. From the makeup looks you’ve created, what’s your personal favorite?
I like my second makeup of the day look because that is the look that I wear everyday now, and why would I wear it everyday if I didn't like it? (For the makeup of the day blog post click here)
11. If you were a Disney princess, who would you be?
Mulan because I'm Asian. Just kidding! But I would actually want to be Jasmine because she was my favorite princess when I was younger and she has a pet tiger!

So let me know what your answers are to these 11 questions in the comments below! And please subscribe if you like my blog!

Product review: the body shop delipscious lipstick

Hey guys!
I am reviewing a lipstick by the body shop in the color 07. This lipstick is a neutral rosy color. This lipstick feels good when it applies because it feels slick on the lips. It is moisturizing and although it is sheer, it still delivers a good amount of color. There is a scent on this lipstick that is a berry fruity smell that I don't like, but goes away when on the lips. This lipstick is a good neutral color and I think that it is nice, although there are better formulations. 
Let me know what you think of this lipstick!

Products mentioned:
Delipscious lipstick

Product review: Sephora by Izack lipstick

Hey guys!
I just wanted to review this lipstick. One of the colors is Mademoiselle and the other color is With Love. Mademoiselle is a deep red color that is absolutely great for the fall and winter time. Also, With love is a coral color that is better for the spring and summer time. These lipsticks are great because both of them fit in a case that makes it easy to bring with you in your handbag. These lipsticks feel good when they apply although they apply a little splotchy so you might need to run a finger over it or use a lip brush to apply it. These lipsticks have pretty good staying power, the red color having better staying power than the coral color. Just a note the red color does have a bit of staining after a while. 
Let me know what you think of these lipsticks!

Products mentioned:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product review: Mac Lipstick in To Catch a Sailor

Hey guys!
So today I wanted to review Mac lipstick in "to catch a sailor". This was limited edition in the Hey Sailor! collection last year. This is a frost lipstick with brown and gold tones in it. On the lips it looks nice because although it is a nude, it isn't too light so I don't look corpse like. This lipstick looks better with a gloss over it because it tones down the frost just a little bit, but I think that this is a good every day lipstick in the spring and summer or even all year round. 
Let me know what you think of this lipstick!

Products mentioned:
To Catch a Sailor

Outfit of the day!

Hey guys!
So I wanted to do a quick outfit of the day post. I wore this outfit to school today and I thought that it would be fun to share with you. I usually put links to what I use/wear in the bottom, but I can't do this today as most of these clothes/jewelry were gifted or hand me downs and I don't know where they are from. So I am wearing a top with pictures of feathers and necklaces on it. I'm wearing peacock earrings and Hollister jeans. 

Let me know if you love these outfit of the day blog posts!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Product review: Covergirl lipstick fabulous fushia

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing a Cover Girl lipstick in the shade Fabulous Fushia. My lipstick is kind of old so the picture might not be the prettiest! But this shade is absolutely gorgeous. It is a pink/fushia color with shimmer in it. I wear this shade a lot for cheerleading because the lights makes it pop on the lips. It is bright, but not neon by any means. It is a mid toned pink/fushia that looks bright on in contrast to my pale skin. The staying power is good, but it fades pretty fast when I wear it for cheerleading because I'm talking a lot. I think that this is a gorgeous color and you should definitely try it if you are interested in a nice mid toned fushia for spring/summertime. 
Let me know what your thoughts are on this lipstick!

Products mentioned:
Fabulous Fushia

my beauty virtues and vices

Hey guys! 
I thought that it would be a fun blog post to do my beauty virtues and vices. I just wanted to share with you all some of the good things that I do in my beauty routine and the things that still need some improving.

1) Taking off my makeup every night and washing my face. I always use my clarasonic to wash my face and i haven't missed a day in a while. This is good because it allows your face to breathe and renew itself during the night.
2) Not using makeup everyday. I know this may sound weird coming from a makeup addict, but I think that not using makeup everyday is a virtue because it allows our skin to breathe without having foundation or powders over it and it keeps irritants and chemicals found in products off our skin. Also, it makes me realize that I can go outside with my flaws and everything and still be beautiful!
3) Not washing my hair everyday. I don't wash my hair everyday, I wash it every 2-3 days instead. Although since I have thick, coarse hair, I use a light conditioner on the ends and comb through my hair in the shower. I comb through my hair in the shower because I don't brush my hair and it gets all the hair that would fall out during the day out in the shower so it's easy to throw away. It is a virtue because it keeps my scalp nice and healthy because it doesn't produce more oil to compensate for over washing and it lets my hair stay soft and healthy.

1) Not washing my makeup brushes often enough. I need to start washing my makeup brushes more because old unwashed brushes have bacteria on it that can cause acne and as a person who is already self conscious about my skin, having excess acne isn't great. Also, it keeps the colors that I use day to day on my brushes from muddling together in the hairs so the colors on my face are more true to pan.
2) Not using sunscreen. I don't use sunscreen on a regular basis and this is terrible. I think that this is even worse because I live in Hawaii and I am in the sun on a regular basis. 
3) Not washing all of my waterproof mascara off. At night sometimes I am too lazy to do the extra step and remove my waterproof mascara. This is bad because it weighs my lashes down and it makes them more vulnerable to breaking.

Let me know in the comments what your virtues/vices are!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Product review: Loreal Color Riche

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing the Loreal Color Riche lipstick in Red. This lipstick is the color I had to wear when I was dancing so it's like a blast from the past to me. Anyways... this lipstick isn't the most opaque, but it is able to build quite nicely. It has a sheen when you put it on and is pretty moisturizing for a lipstick. The wear time isn't the greatest with this compared to other lipstick formulas but I think that this is because this lipstick is so moisturizing. It does stain your lips a little so be aware of that. This color is pretty, it isn't a super dark red, but rather a cherry red that is pretty neutrally toned. 
I like this lipstick, but I don't love it and I think that there are better, more pigmented, hydration lipsticks like cherry tart and red velvet from the revlon lip butter line. 
Let me know what your favorite red lipsticks are in the comments below!
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How to get out of a makeup rut

Hey guys! 
So I realized this morning when I was putting on my makeup that I wear the same thing pretty much everyday. If you want to see my daily makeup check out my makeup of the day posts! So I have decided to try and use products that I haven't used in a while, use techniques that I haven't tried before, and experiment with colors! So starting tomorrow I am going to try and incorporate these things into my everyday makeup (hopefully not all on one day!)
1) Rock a bright lip! Well it's starting to feel like spring here in Hawaii (check out my other blog to read more about life in Hawaii) and spring means bright colors! I'm going to be rocking bright pink and coral. I've gotta find the maybelline vibrants collection that everyone's talking about!
2) Do some bronzer. I usually only use bronzer for a contour, but I'm going to use a big fluffy brush and start to set my foundation with it. It'll give me a nice bronze glow that is so pretty when it's sunny outside.
3) Use some colored liner. For me, I think that I'm gonna use a bright purple liner because purple complements brown eyes best, but you can use any color in the rainbow! 
Let me know below what your tips are for getting out of a makeup rut!

Product review: Model Co lip gloss

Hey guys!
I just wanted to review a lip gloss that I got in my birchbox last month. It is the model co lip gloss in Strip Tease. THis color is a peachy nude color with shimmer. This color is very sheer and appears to be a clear with shimmer on the lips. This lip gloss is super sticky. I don't like the feeling of this lip gloss because although I usually like tacky lip glosses because they stay better, this lip gloss is straight up sticky. Also, the scent of this is very fruity and chemically and I don't like that smell at all. I think that this lip gloss may be good for some people, but I won't be repurchasing this with my own money and I don't recommend it. 
Let me know what you think of this lip gloss in the comments!

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Lip Gloss

Monday, January 21, 2013

Outfit of the day

Hey guys! I just wanted to share an outfit of the day today! I wore a loose sheer blouse with a gray cami underneath, blue jeans, and a pair of dangly circle earrings. I thought that this look was really casual yet put together. I wore this to school today, but I think that it would be a nice outfit for lunch with the girls, or a fun day out shopping.
Do you like outfit of the days? Let me know in the comments!
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Artistry light up lip gloss: glitz

Hey guys! 
Recently my mom and I went to a friends house to look at some artistry and amway stuff she was selling. My mom bought me this lip gloss. It is so cool because there is a mirror on one side of the tube and a light on the bottom of the cap near the applicator. The color is a medium pink with shimmer in it and I think the name of the the lip gloss is "Glitz". This lip gloss has a minty scent to it and has a tingly feel on the lips, which personally I enjoy. I don't know if this is true, but I think that the tingly feel is sort of like a gentle plumper. I like this color, it has pretty good pigmentation on the lips and isn't too sticky, but has enough tackiness to have good staying power. When the gloss wears off, the shimmer still remains on the lips, which is an issue. Overall, I like this lip gloss because the color is so beautiful and the idea of a lip gloss with a mirror and light is great. 
Let me know if you have tried this and what you think of it!
Products mentioned:
Artistry lip gloss

Product Review: Stila lip glazes

Hey guys! I am reviewing some stila lip glazes today. I am a huge lip gloss fan and I never leave the house with out some lip gloss in my purse or my pocket! I saw online that there were stila lip glaze trios on sale for $12 so I decided to buy 2 of them. One of them was a birchbox exclusive set and it has shimmery neutral colors. The other one was called tiki time or something like that. These colors are more fun and bright/pink. So first let me talk about the formulation. It is a sticky gloss. If you are out on a windy day your hair is going to get all up in the gloss. That being said, this is a long wearing gloss because it stays on your lips (because of the tacky consistency). It does have a fruity scent to it, which although you can smell it when you put it on doesn't bother me when I wear it. The pigmentation is just okay, but the colors are pretty. Overall I like the formulation because when i put on a gloss I want it to stay there for more than 5 minutes. 
Lights: is a pinky nude color with shimmer. It has good staying power but with all the shimmer colors I would watch out because once the gloss wears off, you will still have glitter/shimmer flakes on your lips
Camera: in the tube it looks more pink than lights, but on my skin it looks more browny nude. I think this may be because it has worse pigmentation than lights. Once again, it has shimmer
Action: a rosy pink color with shimmer. This is my favorite and the pigmentation of this is great
Guava: a light pink that is barely noticeable on the lips. It is a cream finish
Hibiscus: a shimmery pink color. It is lighter than action and like action, it has shimmer in it
Tropical punch: a medium/deep pink color. It has good pigmentation and is a cream finish
Let me know below what you think of these glosses and which glosses are your favorite!

Products mentioned:
Birchbox trio (lights, camera, action)
Tiki Time trio (guava, hibiscus, tropical punch)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New drugstore stuff???

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a quick post asking what new makeup product(s) you would like me to buy and review from the drugstore. I was planning on getting a Maybelline color whisper lipstick and a Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow (it isn't new but I haven't tried it yet and I want to). I know L'oreal has a lip gloss or stain thats supposed to be similar to the YSL glossy stains and Revlon has a new foundation, powder, and suede lipsticks. I just wanted to know what you guys are interested in reading about and what you would like me to review!
Please let me know in the comments what you think I should buy! Also, if you like my blog please subscribe!

Makeup of the day

Hey guys!
So today I wanted to post a makeup look that I am wearing. This is my everyday winter makeup that I think is school appropriate. I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk" as my eye primer, and from the skylark palette "Blitzen" on the first half of lid, "Nutmeg" on second half of lid, "Ember" in crease, and "Pinecone" on outer crease. "Lace" was my highlight color. I used Urban Decay 24 7 glide on eye pencil in Bourbon and Mac "Espresso" to fill in my brows. I put  Covergirl Cheekers blush in Pretty peach on my cheeks and "Satin Sparks" from the skylark palette as my highlight. For mascara I used Clinique High impact mascara and for lips I used stila lip glaze in "guava"
Let me know below what you think of this look.

Products mentioned:
NYX jumbo eye pencil "milk"
Body Shop eye shadow brush
Skylark palette (snowkissed cashmere)
Mac 217 brush
Mac espresso
Clinique high impact mascara
Mac 263 brush
Stila lip glaze "guava"
Essence of Beauty blush brush
Covergirl blush in "pretty peach"

Review: The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Bronzer

Hey Guys!
Today I am reviewing a bronzer that I picked up from The Body Shop. I got this on sale for $5 and I thought that I would try this out. My first impression of this was that it is a very shimmery/sparkly bronzer. Usually when you are trying to contour you go for more matte bronzers, but if you are looking for an all over bronzer, this would be a good pick. The bronzer color is medium so I think that it is best for light skinned girls although if you have darker skin you could try and build this color up for a greater intensity. Overall, I think that this product is great for the right person. If you are looking for a contour, then this is not the bronzer for you, but if you are looking for a shimmery all over bronze color then this may work. For $5 I think that this is worth the money. 
Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this bronzer and the rest of the Nature's Mineral's line at The Body Shop!

Products mentioned:
Nature's Mineral's Bronzer

Product Review: Cover Girl blush in "Pretty Peach"

Hey Guys! 
I wanted to do a review on the cover girl blush in Pretty Peach. It was the first blush product that I purchased and is still one of my favorites. It is a peachy color (no duh) but it leans more pink than orange. It is a great blush because it works with any lip color that you may want to wear because it is just that flushed gorgeous glow. It is somewhat pigmented but if you layer it on it doesn't look chalky at all. All in all it is just an amazing blush, especially because it is a drugstore blush!
Let me know what your favorite blushes are!

Products mentioned:
Covergirl Blush in Pretty Peach

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite Shower Gels

Hey Guys!
So today I wanted to tell you about my favorite shower gels. They are from Bath and Body works! I know lots of people who splurge on higher end body washes from Korres or other similar brands, but I still love my BABW shower gels more than anything else. My favorite scents are the seasonal ones at Christmastime like Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Pink Sugarplum. I also enjoy Sweet Pea year round for a very girly scent. Bath and Body works Shower Gels are good because they aren't over drying like some harsh soaps can be and although they aren't moisturizing they leave my skin smelling nice and the soap rinses well unlike other soaps that I have tried in the past (Dial soap I'm looking at you). For $11 I think they're well worth the money, but I would wait for a Buy 3 Get 3 sale to get the most bang for your buck.
Tell me below what your favorite shower gels are and if you have any scent recommendations for me.

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Skylark Snow Kissed Cashmere review

Hey guys!
So today I am reviewing the Snowkissed cashmere palette by Skylark. Skylark is Elle and Blair Fowler's makeup brand and this palette is the first eye products that they have released. 
In the palette there are 6 eyeshadows and 1 cheek highlighter along with a full sized double ended brush.

Lace is a matte cream colored eyeshadow. Out of all the shadow shades it is the only matte one and has the weakest pigmentation on the eye as well as in swatches. 
Blitzen is a golden champagne color. It has a good pigmentation and has a very metallic appearance on the eye. It is a beautiful color.
Pinecone is a deep bronze color. This has the best pigmentation out of the bunch. It is deep and sparkly and although it is deep it still blends easily.
Nutmeg is a taupe color although it is more brown than purple. The color looks similar to pinecone in the pan and although they are different in color, they are still very similar. 
Ember is a cranberry shade with golden shimmer. The pigmentation is great and it blends easily. This isn't the most wearable shade, but it looks great around the crease during the fal and winter. 
Shiver is a navy color. It has weak pigmentation and it fades out to nothingness easily. It is a pretty color in the pan, but overall the most disappointing.
Satin Sparks is the cheek highlighter. it is a pink toned gold highlighter that in the pan looks like Blitzen but with more pink tones. It is pretty and blends nicely and is a nice cheek highlighter. 
The double ended brush is okay but the shader side is to thick for my liking because it is thick and a little hard to use. The other blending side is nice but doesn't pick up color very well. It is nice to blend colors though, just not putting it in the crease. 
Overall the palette was a good value especially because I got it for $20 instead of $40. I think that it is a good buy if you like the gold, brown, and red shades but aren't going to be disappointed with weaker pigmentation on the Lace shade and Shiver shade. 
Let me know your thoughts of the palette below!
Snowkissed Cashmere Palette