Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve Makeup

 So I know what y'all are thinking: "Not another neutral eye look!" I totally get that I've been doing a lot of neutral eye looks, but I really loved the way that this one turned out and wanted to share it with you! So instead of doing a step by step, I'll give you the general gist of what I did instead! Happy? Good! So let's get started!

Face: I did a little concealer and powder. I also used a apricot toned blush on my cheeks just to warm up the face. Nothing too intense! 

Eyes: So I did a basic neutral eye with a taupe on the lid and black in the outer V with a medium brown to blend it out and a matte cream under the browbone! Then I used a black liner on the upper and lower lashlines and added a silver glitter liner over the black on the upper lashline! 

Lips: I lined my lips with my Sephora nano liner in "Pleasant Plum" and then added a little bit of a pink gloss over the top!

So although this was "another neutral" makeup look, I thought that it was so gorgeous that it deserved a post all to itself! If you enjoyed this post, follow this blog and leave suggestions for future posts in the comments below!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Outfit

So it is currently the 26th and I am going through Christmas withdrawal! I am really missing Christmas and I thought that it would be fun to share my Christmas day and eve makeup and outfits and nails and all that fun stuff with you guys in the next maybe 5 posts! So this post will be on my Christmas eve outfit, but other posts will go up soon! So here we go!

So to be honest, I was literally running out the door when I took these pictures so they are terrible! Haha the lighting is awful because of the window behind me and my room is a total mess, but oh well!

The tank that I'm wearing is from American Eagle. It is a flowy tank and is the "boyfriend style". I love this because it is red, but it also has a metallic thread weaved into it, so it looks so gorgeous when the light hits it! It totally looks better in person than in this picture! 

My shorts are from Old Navy and they are just typical denim shorts that I cuffed a couple times. 

I am actually wearing an accessory in this picture! Halleluia! Haha, but I am wearing a jewelmint bracelet. It is the "bird cage" bangle and is a nice square, chunky statement piece! 

I am barefoot in this picture, but I just wore some basic black flip flops because it was a casual party and unlike in this picture, I wore my hair down instead of a gross ponytail! 

So that was my Christmas Eve outfit! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and follow this blog for more Christmasy posts in the next few days!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Makeup of the Night: Gold Smokey Eye

Hi guys!
I wanted to do a gold smokey eye for a Christmas party and I thought that I'd do a makeup of the night post on it! It is very similar to other tutorials that I've done, so I won't go into that much detail. So let's get started!

So for my face, I just used a little concealer and filled in my brows. Nothing that fancy. 

I used a wet brush to apply a gold shadow all over the lid (using patting motions!) and I took a pencil brush and built up the outer V with a matte chocolate brown shade. I built it up quite a bit because I wanted it dramatic! I also took a matte medium brown in the crease and a matte cream shade as a highlight. I used a black pencil liner on the upper and lower lashes and finished with 2 coats of mascara. 

I didn't do any lip products because I didn't feel like reapplying after I ate (haha I'm so lazy!) But I think a peach lip would look fab with this!

So that was my quick makeup of the night post! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog for more posts!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Share the Love Saturdays #9

It has been a little over a month since my last Share the Love Saturdays post, which is absolutely crazy! Come on friends! I know a lot of you have blogs that you'd like my readers to learn about, so if you'd like to be featured in next week's share the love saturdays post, read this post to know how to enter! 

So this week I have one blog to share with you guys! It's Olivia from Olivia Foster. Let me just say holy cow! She is freakin amazing at blog design and all that stuff! I am so impressed with her blog and I am literally amazed at how a person can self-teach themselves all that! I asked Olivia to write a few things about herself so that you all can get to know her better and this is what she wrote, "Hello, I'm Olivia. I'm 13 years old from London and I blog about graphic design/blog design as well as DIY's. I am self-taught and I just learn everything myself. You should most definitely check out my blog if you want easy graphic design/blog design tips as well as simple DIY's!"

So I really hope that you check out Olivia's blog because she deserves a billion follows and it's really amazing! If you'd like to be featured next week, please send me your info!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Makeup of the Night: Blue Smokey Eye with GLITTER!!!

Hey everyone!
So I got a glitter liner set from my Secret Santa and I really wanted to incorporate glitter liner into my makeup look! This is what I came up with and I thought that it was really pretty! So let's get into it! Also, I did a Outfit of the Night post on the dress I wore with this makeup so if you'd like to check that out, click here

So I'm not going to do face or lips in this post because that was all very basic, so I'll just give you the step by step on the eyes! 

I used a navy blue cream base on the eye and applied a duochrome eyeshadow so I could get a very vivid, bright, blue. Then I took a warm brown and applied that to the crease to blend out the blue and a black shade on the outer portion of the lid and crease to smoke it out. I used a black pencil eyeliner and I put a silver glitter eyeliner over that. It gave a nice pop when I closed my eyes! Then for the under eye, I applied the same blue liner and then I took a green glitter and blue glitter eyeliner over that so there was a little bit of sparkle. 

I loved this eye look and I hope that this was helpful for you guys! If you want more tutorials with glitter, I would be happy to do some for you guys! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for tons of new posts!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 23: Holiday Outfit Ideas (and outfit of the days)!!!

Hey everyone!
So I had a couple of parties the past few days, one with my friends and another with my family so I got a little dressier. So I decided to do an outfit idea / outfit of the day post for you guys because I absolutely loved what I wore! So let's get started! 

Outfit #1: Casual Chic
This is the outfit that I wore to a cheerleading party with my team. It is dressier than jeans and a sweater, but still really comfortable and casual. 

So to recreate this look, put on a simple dress. Mines is a jersey v neck one, but you can wear anything you like! Mines is looser because I didn't want to wear a bodycon in case I ate too much, but you can wear something tighter or looser depending on what you want!

Then layer a cardigan over it! In the back, this cardigan stops at the waist, but it drapes in the front so it's longer. It's also red, so I thought it was perfect for Christmastime! 

I didn't add jewelry, but if you wanted, I would go with something simple, like studs, delicate rings, or a plain necklace. 

You can totally dress this outfit up or down with shoes! If you want it to be dressier, wear heels or boots, but if you want it to be more casual, wear some flats!

Outfit #2: Slimming and Sexy
So this is the outfit that I wore to a family party! It was a fancier restaurant, so I wanted to dress up, but I didn't want to wear something too tight or bodycon because I was with family! So this is what I put together!

I wore a color block dress because it was very slimming and it's a new dress and I wanted to wear it out! This particular one is from H&M! I also liked how it was "fit and flare" as my mom likes to call it, because it is more fitted up until the waist and then goes into a more flowey skirt! If you're going to recreate this, just go for a really fun dress that you feel good in!

Then to accessorize, I added an edgy necklace. I didn't get a good picture of it, but it's the last necklace in this post. It's really geometric and cool! If you want to accessorize, I would go with a necklace or earrings to draw the eyes up, especially if you go to a restaurant, and eat a lot like me!

To go along with my "edgier" theme, I did crazy makeup, which I'll do a makeup of the night post on soon and a different hair style and I also wore black heeled boots with this dress, which I didn't get a picture of, but I'm sure you guys get the idea! If you wanted different shoe combos, I think nude wedges or silver heels would look amazing too!

So those were my holiday outfit ideas and outfit of the days! In the comments, let me know if you like outfit #1 or outfit #2 better! I personally like outfit #2 better, but that's just because it's more fun to dress up for me! Also, leave suggestions for future posts in the comments and follow this blog!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 21: Best Red Eyeshadows

Hey everyone!
So I have the best red eyeshadows for you today! Red eyeshadows are hard to wear, but lucky for you guys I've already done two different tutorials using them! I'll link the smokey tutorial here and the more neutral one here. I love cranberry shades for the holidays and I wanted to share my three favorites with you!

So let's go from left to right. The shade farthest left is Ember by Skylark. This was in the Snowkissed Cashmere palette last year and I am unsure if this is still being sold. But this is a true red shade with gold shimmer. Next is Wet N Wild Comfort Zone. This palette has eight shadows, but the one I swatched is the duochrome shade. It is a red brown shade, but has a blue shimmer so it has a blue duochrome too. Without a primer, this shade looks like a gorgeous red brown that is perfect if the first shade is too bold for you! Lastly is Sexy from the Balm's Nude Tude Palette. It is a very brown downed version of cranberry, but it is great for a smokey eye. It is a matte shade unlike the previous two and is so pretty on the eye!

So leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite cranberry or red shades are and also what you'd like to see in the remaining four Christmas Countdown posts! Also, don't forget to follow this blog!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 19: Best Green Nail Polishes!

Hey everyone!
So I have another "favorites" type of post for you today! It is on my favorite green nail polish! I tend to wear lots of red on my body with clothing and lipsticks, and I try to incorporate the green with nail polish! I have four favorites for you now and I hope that this is helpful for you!

 Color Club Wild Cactus
This shade is a gorgeous emerald cream. I think that this is a great shade for everyone and my mom actually loves this shade and wears it all the time!

Sinful Colors Rise and Shine 940
This is a similar emerald shade, but it has a little more of a teal shade rather than green. It has some shimmer in it, but it dries matte so it has a really cool finish on the nail!

Color Club Editorial
This shade is a duochrome with gold, green, and blue. It is really gorgeous and is a neutral way of wearing a fun color!

Color Club London Calling
A cream bright neon mint shade. This shade is so bright on the nails, which is crazy because it is a pastel!
It is so pretty and  it is less 
noticeable and bold compared to the emeralds, but still gorgeous!

So I hope that this post was useful for you guys and if you have any green nail polishes that you think I'd like, leave it in a comment below! Also, leave suggestions for the remaining three christmas countdown posts and don't forget to follow this blog and my other blog for the rest of the series!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 17: Makeup of the Day

Hey everyone!
This makeup of the day post isn't that interesting because it was very neutral so I'm not going to go really into detail with how I got this look because I have done many (too many) neutral looks like this before! So let's get started!

I used a concealer all over my face and a little bit of bronzer to contour. I have actually been contouring a lot lately, which is something different for me! I also filled in my brows with MAC Espresso (as usual) and set my face with a pressed powder!

I applied a shimmery champagne eyeshadow that is similar to my skintone all over the lid. Then I took a deep bronze shade and applied it to the outer half of the eye. I didn't do any crease work with this shadow and I tried to keep it neutral, but just a little deepened. I lined my lid with a black pencil liner and used a matte shade as a highlight. I finished with two coats of mascara. 

I didn't wear a lip color, so I used a lip balm. I haven't been wearing lip colors at all lately and I've been wearing lip balm instead!

So that was my makeup of the day! Let me know what other posts you'd like in Christmas Countdown in the comments and don't forget to follow this blog and my personal blog too!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 15: Best Red Lipsticks!

Hey everyone! 
So there are 10 days left until Christmas! How exciting! Because I know lots of parties are going to be happening soon, I thought that I'd share my favorite red lipsticks so you can try some of them out at your parties! So let's get started!

L'Oreal Red
This shade has a lot of yellow undertones so I think that if you have very yellow undertones on your skin, this may not be the best for you. Also, you might want to have pretty nice teeth because yellow tones can accentuate any stains on your teeth! I also have a review on this lipstick, which I'll link here. 

 Mirenesse #2
This shade is a pinker red. The pink undertones are there, but it still is very much a red on the lips. It is very glossy and has a gorgeous satin finish. I think this is a shade that will look great on everyone, but may not be "bold" enough for you if you are used to true reds. 
I'll link my review of this here

Probably the least impressive picture, but my favorite of the three! It is a true red and it has a matte finish. It is a lip tar, so it will last all day through eating and drinking and it will mostly stay put and won't transfer. It is a blue based red, so unlike the L'oreal one, it will make your teeth look whiter instead of yellower!
I'll link my review of this shade here.  

So I hope that this post was useful for you guys! If you have any favorite red lipsticks that I should try, let me know what they are in the comments below! Also, don't forget to follow this blog and my other blog for the remaining 10 Christmas Countdown posts!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 13: My Christmas Wishlist!

Hey everyone!
I know that every time someone does a wishlist post, they have to put a preface, so I'll do that now! I would like to receive these things, but I do not tell my family and friends what to get me and I love what they pick out for me! These are just some things that I have been wanting! So let's get started!

Clarasonic brush head replacements
I try to replace my brush heads every four months like they say to, but brush heads get a little bit expensive, so I want a few more to last me through 2014! I personally like the sensitive brush head the best!

 Urban Decay Naked Palette
Believe it or not, I have never owned a Naked Palette! I would really like the original naked palette because they have lots of bronze and gold shades, which I think looks best on me!

Lastly is Prada Candy! I love this scent so much because its sweet and girly without being too overpowering! I don't really get perfumes that often and I would love to receive this one!

So that's my Christmas Wishlist! Let me know what you want for christmas in the comments below and leave suggestions for more Christmas Countdown posts!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 11: Pop of Color on the Lid!

Hey guys!
So I was doing my makeup for a basketball game that I'm cheering at and instead of doing the usual smokey eye, neutral eye, or even pop of color on the lower lashes, I decided to play around and I used a pop of color on the actual lid! It's really cool because when you're eyes are open, it is just barely visible, but if you look down or blink, it is really bright and vibrant! So I'll teach you how to get it now!

1) Prime! 
I used a primer all over my eye and then to get a really bright and vibrant blue color, I used a navy liner as a base all over the lid. If you're using a different shade for the "pop", use a colored liner or even a white base in place of the navy liner. 
2) Add the POP!
Take a powder shadow thats bright, and pat it over your base and all over the lid. I layered this a few times to get a really vivid color, but you can totally just do a sheer layer. Try to stay really careful with this and don't blend it at all! Just keep it to the lid. 
3) Blending it out
Take a matte light/medium brown shade and apply it in and above the crease to help blend out the pop of color ever so slightly. Also, take a matte cream shade and put it under the browbone. 

4) Deepen it up! (if wanted)
I wanted to deepen it up, so I took a deeper matte brown shade and applied that to the outer V just to deepen it up a little bit!
5) Add mascara
This is self explanatory!

So that's it! Its really easy and its very fun! I think that it would be cool if you do a really vibrant gold as the pop for a more neutral version of this! Let me know if you decide to do this in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 9: Thankful For Blogger Friends TAG!

Hey everyone!
Natalie from YoursTrulyNY tagged me to do this tag, so a big shout out and thank you to her! I was also tagged by Caroline from CaliJae to do this too! I'm so excited to do this tag because I have made a lot of great blogging friends, which is something I didn't expect when I first started! So let's get into the tag!

1) How long have you been blogging?
This is currently my 12th month! I started in January 2013! 
2) Any bloggers that encouraged you when you started?
I don't remember any specific people encouraging me, but I became really close with Ivy from Style Life Lovely, Cali from Cali Jae, and a lot of other people around a couple months into blogging. I'm sure there are a lot of other wonderful bloggers that I can't remember off the top of my head!
3) What social media has helped you the most? Any that you don't use?
Twitter and google+! I use twitter the most often and I think that it probably hands down has helped with traffic the most. I had a facebook and a pinterest, but I got rid of it because it really didn't help that much. 
4) How often do you post? Do you have a schedule?
I post daily on this blog! 
5) Where do you blog? 
Usually on my bed or couch in my room, but recently I've been blogging in my living room near the christmas tree!
6) What camera and photo editing do you use?
I use a Sony Cybershot! Lol super professional :P and for photo editing, I usually use iphoto or ribbet. 
7) How did you come up with your blog name?
I actually have no clue! I was just brainstorming and it came to me!
8) Do you have any regular "series"?
Yes! I have my share the love saturdays series and I recently started my countdown to christmas series too!
9) What draws you to a blog?

The pictures! Good pictures really help! 
10) What turns you off a blog?
The voice! I hate when bloggers write like they're better than the readers or like they know it all! It is my biggest turn off. 
11) How many blogs are you subscribed to? Are they all beauty related?
51! They are mostly fashion and beauty, but I have a few health and fitness in there too!
12) When do you read blogs?
At school during breaks, in the morning, and before bed! But really, I'll read it all the time!
13) What's your favorite type of post?
I love reviews! That is probably why Temptalia is my all time favorite beauty blog! But crazy tutorials come in a close second!
14) What's your least favorite type of post?
Skincare. I am just not that big into skincare (even if I should be!) So those don't interest me!

There is a personal section to this tag, but I'll do that on my other blog soon so this post isn't hella long (even though it kinda already is). *Update: I posted it on my other blog and I'll link it hereSo I'll probably tweet you guys if I decide to tag people (haha I'm so lazy today!) but if not, then I'll just tag everyone to do this because it is a great tag and I'd love to read your answers! So don't forget to subscribe and come back tomorrow for a new post!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Countdown UPDATE!

Hey everyone!
I'm so sorry, and I thought that I could keep up with daily posts on this blog, but I have so much cheerleading, school, and life problems and things that I really can't without overloading myself. So what I've decided is to only post every other day for my Christmas Countdown series and do the same thing on my other blog so you'll still get daily posts from me in one of two places. I'm so sorry for the trouble guys and I'll still try to post on "off days" on this blog, but I just won't have a schedule so they're like surprise posts when I post them! I think this will work a lot better for me and hopefully this doesn't impact you guys too much! If you have any questions about this or anything like that, leave it in a comment below!

Christmas Countdown Day 7: Holiday Makeup Inspiration

Hey everyone! 
I know a while ago I did a post like this, showing some pictures I pulled off of pintrest that I've been loving, and I thought it would be fun to do again with holiday makeup! So let's get into it!

Plum and purple is probably like the newest "trend" for this winter! Instead of doing neutrals, I'm going to try and incorporate more plums and purples into my eye looks! I saw this picture and it is a totally gorgeous purple smokey eye that is totally wearable at the same time!

I've also been loving deep bold lips and minimal eyes! I've done a couple posts recently about it, which I'll link here and here for you!

Lastly, I love this because the gold is so vibrant! Haha if you read my other blog, which you should, you know that I've been reading my 2014 horoscopes and gold is my color! So I love this look so much!

So those were some of my holiday makeup inspirations! Let me know if you want posts on any specific things in the comments and don't forget to follow this blog!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 5: Holiday Hair Inspiration!

Hey guys!
So I was on pinterest the other day, because let's be honest, that's what I do in my spare time! And I saw some hair things that I think is perfect for the holidays and I wanted to share them with you in a inspiration type post! So let's get started!

I love the effortless look of a side braid! I've been rocking it a lot lately and I think that this one is really cute with the mini fishtail going into the bigger one!

I've really been loving ombre lately, too and I am thinking about doing it to my hair, except that I'm really afraid of damaging my hair!

And of course, the epitome of holiday hair! The bombshell side sweep! This is so gorgeous and looks absolutely stunning and I really want to try this out on myself, but I have no clue how to do it! Haha I'll be searching youtube videos on this soon!

So thats my hair inspiration! Let me know yours in the comments and don't forget to follow this blog for more posts!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Share the Love Saturdays (a little late) #8

Hi guys!
So sorry that I didn't get this up on time, but with thanksgiving and black friday, my schedule got really messed up! So I have a share the love saturdays post for you guys today! 

Krissy from KrissyCouture
I asked Krissy to write something small for you guys so you can learn about her blog and she said, "Hey Guys! I'm Krissy, I'm 12 Years Old and Im from the Philippines but I live in England. I recently migrated from my first blog 'Beautybykrissy01' to 'Krissy Couture'. Since I moved, its been quite hard to keep up with the little success I had from my old blog. Im a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and soon I will make a Youtube Channel and become a Youtube Guru"
Krissy had a old blog that I'll link here for you guys, but now she has a more current blog that I'll link here too!
You should totally check out her blog because its amazing and totally professional looking!

If you'd like to be featured in a Share the Love Saturdays post, check out this post, where I explain what you need to do! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more posts, reviews, and tutorials!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 3: My Favorite Neutral Winter Lip!

Hey everyone!
It's day 3 already! I posted a recipe on my other blog yesterday, so if you'd like to know how to make delicious date bars, click here! So today's post is on my favorite neutral lip! Keep in mind that this is "neutral" so it is a wearable berry shade, not nude. So let's get started!

First I line my lips and fill them in with Jordana baby berry liner. This is a nice neutral shade that is not too deep, but still gives a little bit of color. Like the name says, it's a berry shade, but its not too red and leans on the pink side. I already reviewed this, and I'll link the review here! This shade is gorgeous to wear alone, but I like to deepen it up just a tad! 

Then I apply a light layer of OCC Black Dahlia over it. This shade is very pigmented so I take the smallest amount possible and I try to use it sheerly like a gloss rather than like a liquid lipstick. This gives it a more satin finish and a deeper shade! I also reviewed this and I'll link it here for you!

So how easy's that! Let me know in the comments what your favorite neutral winter lip is and don't forget to check my other blog tomorrow for another Christmas Countdown post!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 1! The Intro

Hey everyone!
So I know that December First was technically yesterday, but I wanted to have a little more time to think about this, before I got it up! So I wanted to do a Christmas/Holiday series on my blog, but I didn't want to do a "vlogmas" or every day type of series, so I came up with Christmas countdown! 

What is it? 
Well I have another blog, which I'll link here, where I have recipes, diys, home, fitness, and pretty much everything non beauty and fashion related! I will do a Christmas countdown post alternating each day on each blog. So all the odd days will have christmas countdown posts on this blog, and the evens on the other blog! I have some amazing recipes I want to share and I love that I get to include both of my blogs! 

So are you not going to be posting daily here?
No! I will totally continue to upload daily here, but some of my posts will be reviews and makeup of the days, and other non christmas related posts!

What can I expect?
On this blog, I'll do some holiday outfits, party makeup, gift guides, tutorials, and more! On my other blog, I'll do some great recipes, diys, favorites, and some random life updates!

So, when you're done with this post, go check out my other blog for my first christmas countdown post there too! Also, make sure to follow this blog because then you'll get updates every day when I post!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Makeup of the Night: Navy Smokey Eye

Hey everyone!
I wanted to show you the makeup that I wore on black friday! It is really simple to do, and is something that looks great if its a little messy and imperfect. It also looks better the longer you wear it, so that was so great when I was shopping late at night! So lets get started!

I didn't really do any face makeup on myself, but you can do your foundation and concealer as usual. Also, use a little bit of a neutral blush if you want a little bit of color!

I started by taking a navy pencil liner and doing a thick line over the lid. I then took a Q-tip and smudged it out, so that there wasn't any harsh lines. Then I took a navy blue shadow and just patted it over the liner to set it. Then I took a matte brown shadow in the crease to warm up the eye and I finished with a couple coats of mascara. I also lined the lower lashline with the same navy liner and shadow.  

I used a shimmery sheer gloss just to get a little bit of sparkle and shine. 

So that was my makeup of the night! Let me know what you think of it and if you have any ideas for future tutorials, leave them in a comment below!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's Your Go-To Hairstyle?

Hey everyone!
This is a little bit of a randomer post, but I thought that it would be fun! I really want to know what all of your go-to hairstyles are! I used to be really into ponytails, then buns, but now I have been really into side braids when my hair is acting up! I like how easy it is and I think that it looks a little bit fancier and looks like you've spent more effort compared to a bun or a ponytail! So in the comments, let me know what your go-to hairstyle is when you're having a bad hair day!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Haul

Hey everyone!
So I went black friday shopping with one of my friends at midnight and I wanted to do a little haul on it! Surprisingly, I didn't get that much stuff so this will be a very short post! So let's get started!

Forever 21
I got this really cute sweater from Forever 21. It is white with black details and has pictures of pizza all over it! I thought that it was adorable, and it was so quirky and I thought it would be really fun to wear to school. 


I love shopping at aeropostale on black friday! It is literally my favorite place to go and I love how cute their clothes has gotten this past year! I bought a jacket and a pair of sweat pants. The jacket is really cute and is so soft and warm on the inside! The sweat pants are also really cute and they are "skinny" so they aren't too flowy. On the leg of the pants it says "Live, Love, 

Old Navy
I got one top from old navy. It is a navy blue and white striped long sleeve top. It is a little bit long and loose, so I think that I'll wear it with leggings or skinny jeans or a more fitted bottom!

So that is what I got on black friday! Let me know what you got in the comments below and please follow this blog!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Make a Bold Lip POP!

Hey everyone!
So I got the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter in my November Birchbox and I've been playing with it and I found a great use for it! 

So you know how all the beauty gurus say to line the outside of your lips with a concealer to make the lip shades pop? This makes it so easy! You literally apply your lip color (mines is a Sephora Nano Liner in Pleasant Plum) and then once you have that, you take this pencil and outline the outside border of your lips. It really makes your lip shade pop even more in contrast to the lighter line and makes it look even bolder! What I like to do after outlining is to take a Q-tip and just run it over the line so that its not too harsh. This is optional, though. Also, you can take a little more of this pencil and apply it over the cupids bow to make it pop! 

Let me know in the comments if you use this tip and don't forget to follow this blog!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4 Step Eyes for a Bold Lip

Hey everyone!
So I have been wearing a lot of bold lips lately and I wanted to do this post because I've streamlined my eye routine to 4 easy steps and I thought it would be cool to share with you guys! So lets get started!

1) Apply a shimmery champagne shadow 
I love this because you don't even need to prime your eyes because we just want a wash of pigment! I used a fluffy brush all over the lid! This literally is the easiest thing ever and takes less than a minute to do! 
2) Fill in your brows
The method in which you do this doesn't really matter, but you really want to fill in your brows because they frame the face. If you wear a bold lip and don't fill in your brows, your face would look unbalanced and it washes you out a little bit! 
3) Line!
With a bold lip, I tend to go towards a brown or gray rather than a black, but you can use any type of liner you'd like! I used a brown pencil liner and smudged it along both the upper and lower lashlines! If you want to go really dramatic you can go for a thick black line, and if you want to go more neutral, go for a brown or gray!
4) Mascara!
How easy is this! Just apply one or two coats of your favorite mascara! Mines is Benefit They're Real in this photo!

So those were my 4 step eyes for a bold lip! Just FYI the lip that I'm wearing is the Sephora Pleasant Plum nano liner. Leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite bold lip combo is at the moment and don't forget to follow this blog!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Review

Hey everyone!
So I got the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter in my November Birchbox and I wanted to review it for you guys! Chella is a brand that I had never heard of before, but I think that I really like it, especially after trying this product! 

So, what is it?
It is a jumbo pencil type product, but in a light nude shade. This can be used everywhere that you'd use a highlighter! My favorite spots is the inner corner, waterline, browbone, under eye, and cupids bow! It is so creamy and is a cream shade so it doesn't have any type of shimmer or sparkle to it. 

The pros of this is that it is a larger pencil so you can use it like you would a touche eclat or something of the sort under the eye without taking forever to do. It is also very creamy so it can spread really easily and it sheers out very nicely. The fact that its in the pencil is also great because many highlighters come in liquid form, but because this is in a pencil, you can use it on the waterline as well as on actual skin. 

You need to sharpen this pencil, which I know is a big deal to some people. It is also very creamy so you might get less staying power on the waterline with this. Also, if you have very light or dark skin, this may look non-existent or too harsh. 

I think this is a great product, I really enjoy it and I think that it will surely become one of my everyday favorites!

Let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it in the comments! Also, please follow this blog if you enjoy it!