Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birchbox Unboxing October 2014

Hey guys!
I finally have a new video for you! I got my birchbox a little bit earlier this month, and I thought that I'd do an unboxing for you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Products Received:
Atelier Cologne
Lord & Berry Glitter Eye Pencil
ModelCo Lipstick
Skin and Co Serum
TOCCA Hand Cream

I hope that you enjoyed this video! I'll have an update on the Mary Kay Skincare System later this week, and I'll hopefully be able to get two videos up a week from now on! You can also get yourself a birchbox by clicking here! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

RIP Oscar De La Renta

Unfortunately today, the notable fashion designer, Oscar De La Renta, has passed away. He was 82 years old, and has been battling cancer since 2006. He has dressed some of the most gorgeous brides, first ladies, and celebrities, and recently dressed Amal Alamuddin for her wedding to George Clooney. Oscar De La Renta has always been one of my personal favorite designers because of the way he effortlessly mixed the old with the new. The new world with the old world. It gave a very feminine, yet modern spin on couture. 

To celebrate the life of Oscar De La Renta, I compiled a mini collage of my 9 favorite jewelry and fashion pieces from his line. 

I am so sad to see one of the greatest fashion designers of all time leave, but his impact on fashion will remain for years to come. Let me know which one of the pieces in the collage is your favorite in the comments!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too Faced Melted Fuchsia Review

Hey guys!
Today, I'm reviewing the Too Faced Melted Fuchsia liquid lipstick! I already reviewed melted berry, so if you'd like to see that review, click here!  This particular melted shade is also included in a set of 4 (along with melted berry, melted nude, and melted peony), and retails for $25! If you'd like to buy the kit, you can click here!  Okay, so let's get into the review!

The packaging on these melted lipsticks are super nice! It is a matte hot pink tube (the tube color corresponds to the shade of lipstick) and the cap and gold stripes on the tube are metallic! The applicator on these lipsticks is a slanted fabric applicator that works pretty well for applying the product, although with a color this bright, the applicator isn't as precise as I'd like it to be. Also, the style of the applicator also makes me worry about the safeness of this product (if you keep it for over a couple months) as theres not a way to really clean the applicator. 

This shade is gorgeous! It seemed sheerer to me than the melted berry shade did, but at the same time it is able to be layered, so you can go from sheer to full opacity! This shade dries to a matte finish and lasted me around 4 hours (lots of talking and drinking, minimal eating), but after 3 hours it started to look like it needed to be reapplied. This is a warmer toned pink, so it can have some issues with making your teeth look unnecessarily yellow, but I didn't notice any problems with that. 

Final Thoughts:
This shade isn't anything particularly new or exciting. But with that being said, this formula is one of the better longer lasting formulas out there because the matte formula sticks to the lips really well. I, personally, wouldn't buy this shade alone because there are similar shades at the drugstore (maybelline shocking coral comes to mind), but because it's in the set, I think that it's a little more justifiable (at least in my mind!)

So I hope you liked this post, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin because the other two shades in the set will be reviewed as soon as possible! I just have to write the Melted Nude post and start testing Melted Peony! Also, let me know if you've tried this particular shade of the Melted Lipsticks and your thoughts on it!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 9 Fall Scarves!

Hey guys!
I've been doing lots of top 9 posts, and this one is going to be all about scarves! I actually never wear scarves because it never gets cold enough in Hawaii to wear one, but the ones that I picked out are absolutely cute and wonderful!

So my personal favorites are the purple ombre scarf, the knit infinity scarf, and any of the plaid or printed ones! Let me know which scarves are your favorites in the comments, also all of these are shopable, so you can click on the image to be redirected to purchase! ...And don't forget, you can always shop y favorite things in the "shop" section of the blog!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday #4

Hey guys!
So I've missed the last couple throwback thursday posts, but I have one for you today! I have a couple of tutorials from November last year that I wanted to show you guys again, as well as some TAGs! 

1) 4 Step Eyes for a Bold Lip!
I know that bold lips are super in for fall, and I thought that I'd share this post again, because it lets you do really simple eyes quickly! 

2) Sephora Nano Liner in "Pleasant Plum" Review
This is one of my favorite deep, vampy lip shades, and I am definitely going to need to pull this out of my drawer! It's so pretty, and I forgot how good it looks when it's applied!

3) Minimal Eyes and Berry Lips!
I love this makeup look that I did, because the berry lips are pink enough and light enough to be worn during the day! I've been re-creating this look a lot lately, too!

4) Sweater Weather TAG!
I just re-read my answers to this TAG, and all of them are really relevant and are still practically the same a year later! If you haven't read this one yet, I highly recommend it as it's one of my favorite TAGs I've done!

So those are four of my favorite throwback posts! Check them out, and leave me suggestions in the comments for new posts and videos as I'm interested to hear what you'd like to see! Also, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mary Kay ClearProof Vox Box Unboxing

Hey guys!
I received my very first Vox Box from Influenster, and I wanted to do an unboxing for you! In the video, I unbox the skincare items I got, talk a little bit about my skin type, and share my plans for future videos with you! I hope you enjoy it!

So, as I said in this video, I'm going to be doing weekly updates on my skin with this system, and at the end of the month, I'll be doing a full review! Subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking here, and you'll be notified when my newest videos go up! Also, leave suggestions for future videos in the comments!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Too Faced Melted Berry Review!

Hi guys!
I recently got a set of 4 too faced melted lipsticks from Macy's, and I thought that I'd do individual reviews as I try them out! This one will be on Melted Berry, although I also have Peony, Nude, and Fuchsia (reviews on those will be up soon)! If you are going to get this, I'd strongly suggest getting it in the set of 4 (which costs $25) instead of getting it as a single ($21) because the minis will last a while and you get to try more shades! You can purchase the set I have by clicking here. 

I love this packaging! The tube itself is matte berry (the color of the tube corresponds to the shade of the lipstick) and the gold stripes and cap are shiny! I bet a lot of you have see the applicator, so I won't go too much into it, but it makes it a lot easier to apply the lip product, although I think sanitation is a concern (especially if you're going to keep this product around for a while). Also, the applicator might be weird if you aren't used to it because with a shade like this, you want to keep the edges really clean and in the lines!

Melted berry is a berry shade, although it leans a little more "rasberry" than "blackberry" (more red than purple) if you know what I'm saying! This shade is a bit brighter than I expected it to be. You can build it up by layering it on, but if you apply it lightly (like I did), it isn't as deep as the packaging. It has a matte finish on the lips, which I really enjoy, and it's awesome because it doesn't dry out your lips. It actually feels like there's nothing on your lips! I've heard other bloggers call the scent "plasticy", which I don't agree with. The scent is sweet, but honestly I had to stick my nose right next to it in order to smell it. If you're applying it, the smell shouldn't be a problem and once it's on, you don't smell anything!

Final Thoughts
I absolutely get the hype now! This is the first shade that I've tried, but it's amazing! It lasted over 4 hours before I felt like I needed to reapply, and when I reapplied, it was only for vibrancy because it still looked pretty good! I love matte lips and I appreciate a good matte product that feels good on the lips. If you're looking for a good berry shade for fall and winter, this one is definitely a winner!

Let me know what you're thoughts are on melted berry, and if you want to purchase it individually you can do so here, and if you want to get the set of 4 (highly recommend!) you can click here! Also, please subscribe on bloglovin so you know when posts are uploaded (it's free!)