Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Makeup Inspiration

Hey everyone!
I can't believe that it's been around four months since my last makeup inspiration post because I'm on Pinterest all the time, and these are some of my favorite posts to do! I'm going to be doing a fashion one as well, so come back in a few days for that!

This just screams winter makeup to me because during the winter, I love going for a bolder lip and barely there eyes! With that being said, I love the smudgy liner along the lower lashline and how the eyeshadow still has definition!

This is just a basic neutral eye, but I thought it was so stunning and I needed to share! This is definitely a "going out" look, but winter is the season of parties so this could be really awesome! 

This is probably the most "out there" look, but I love the berry outline around the edge of the smokey eye. It adds a really cool pop of color, but I think it'd look more festive in a burgundy red shade!

I hope that you enjoyed this makeup inspiration post, and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest if you aren't already! Let me know in the comments what your favorite look of the three is (mines is definitely the first one) because I'm a little curious right now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beauty Chat: Hair, Q&A, Giveaway, and More!

Hey everyone!
I have a new video for you that pretty much just summarizes a few of the things I've been doing in the past week as well as some ideas I have for the blog and the youtube channel! Watch this video, and let me know what you think!

Something I forgot to mention in this video, is that the first newsletter was just sent out! Even if you're not on the mailing list, you can read all about my musings (and a funny cockroach story) by clicking here! Also, please answer some of my many questions down below, and leave some questions for a future Q&A video! Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more content and I'll have some more videos coming in the coming weeks! (Next up will be a bathroom tour!)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Favorite Winter Lip Products

Hey guys!
I was asked to do a guest post on one of my blogger friend's blog, and it went live yesterday! It's all about my favorite winter lip products and the lip colors that I'm absolutely in love with! I'll link my post here, if you want to see it, but if you just want to see the lovely collage I did, you can check it out below!

Definitely click here for a more in depth analysis of the shades I picked, and go check out Rouge's blog and show her some love!
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Friday, January 16, 2015

My Handbag Collection!

Hey everyone!
I thought that it would be a fun idea to do a handbag collection so I could show you some of my favorite bags! In this video, I just show my top six favorite handbags, which are also the ones that I use the most frequently because if I were to show them all, this video would be very long!

So I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe! Also, let me know what your favorite bags are in the comments below!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2 Year Anniversary!

Hey everyone!
It is January 15, which means that it's my blog's second anniversary! First and foremost, I just want to say thank you to all of you. I've made some amazing friends through blogging, and I've learned so much about myself through blogging, and none of this would have been possible without you! I was looking at last year's anniversary post, and I'm kind of embarrassed at how short it is, so I though I would write a little bit on all of the accomplishments and events that my blog has gone through this past year, because I'm feeling extra nostalgic. 

New Adventures:
This year I've been a lot more serious with different social medias and I've expanded a ton. I began to use my twitter more frequently, set up a facebook fan page, started to use Ello, and most importantly, created my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Youtube has been one of the most rewarding things for me, and I am so proud at what I've been able to accomplish with it. I also recently started an email mailing list, which I'm super excited for!

There are so many milestones that I've reached this year! I hit 100 and 200 followers on bloglovin, which is huge and makes me so happy! I hit 75 youtube subscribers and 650 twitter followers too! Subscribers and followers aren't super important to me, and I would definitely still do this whether there was one reader or 1,000, but knowing that people love the content I produce is an amazing feeling. 

I've done so many collaborations this year! Some of my favorite ones have been the Fall Makeup one with Hope from Beauty and Bliss, the one I did for the Covergirl #GirlsCan campaign, and all of my instanatural ones! Get ready for a lot more this year too!

Random Stuff:
I started the "shop" page of the blog, which I am obsessed with! I also got a DSLR so I can take better pictures and videos (it's a Nikon D3200)! I also bought my domain, which was really exciting because it makes my blog seem more professional!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making my second year of blogging absolutely incredible. I'm going on year three right now, and I am so excited to see how my blog, and youtube channel grows! I love you guys so much, and I can't explain how much I appreciate your support! Thank's for a great second year of blogging, and here's to an even better third year!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reno Haul!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a quick haul on some of the things that I bought in Reno! I went to Forever 21, H&M, and Trader Joes and although we have Forever 21 and H&M in Hawaii, I still bought a few things from there! 

Let's start with the fashion items! From H&M, I bought basics!

So the first two shirts are identical, except for the color! They are just basic tshirts that were on sale for 2 for $10! I actually don't have any shirts in those two colors, and I really wanted them, so I got it! I know that the H&M in Hawaii probably has them as well, but in Hawaii, the H&M is in Waikiki, which is super touristy and crowded (also parking is non-existent over there), so it's sometimes better for me to do my H&M shopping online or in another state!

The last item was this t-shirt! It's just a basic pocket tee with cuffed sleeves! They had this shirt in a billion colors (including the red and black), but this blue was so gorgeous and I had to get it!

Now for the stuff from Forever 21! It was actually a pajama set, but I bought it mainly for the tee because it was so cute! It's pajamas, but that t-shirt would look really cute with jeans, so I'm definitely going to wear it out of the house! The shorts are basic sleep shorts, and look really comfy!

And now for the food items from Trader Joes! We don't have a Trader Joes in Hawaii, and whenever we travel to a state with one, we always pick up a few snacks and treats to bring back! 

I got myself dark chocolate covered cranberries because I am obsessed with dried cranberries and I am in love with dark chocolate, and I neeeeeeeded to have these!

Then I got the dark chocolate cookie butter cups! Cookie butter is somewhat of a fad here in Hawaii, and people are crazy obsessed with it (probably because it's pretty rare here) so I got it! I wanted to try it out, but I also wanted to give a few to some of my friends!

Speaking of friends, I also got these individually packed dark chocolate peanut butter cups for my friends! These looked really amazing and I know they're going to love it!

So that's my little Reno haul! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post even though it wasn't a super interesting haul! Let me know in the comments what kinds of snacks you like from Trader Joes because I wanna know! Also, please follow me on bloglovin if you aren't already because once I reach 500 followers I'll do a giveaway!

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P.S. Have you seen my latest video yet?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Foundation Routine Using Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous!

Hey everyone! 
As many of you know, I received a DSLR for christmas (to see what other items I got for Christmas, click here!) and I used it to film this video! I think the quality is definitely better, and you guys definitely need to watch it in 1080 for the full HD effect!

Products Mentioned:
Benefit Porefessional Primer
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Angled Brush
Laura Geller Balance and Brighten Foundation
Covergirl Instant Cheekbones "Sophisticated Sable"

Jouer Mattifying Bronzer "Sunswept"

Please subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos (there's also going to be a giveaway once we reach 250 subbies  ) and give this video a thumbs up if you like the new camera! 
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