Friday, November 27, 2015

Workout Bros Theme Party Outfit

Hey guys!
So on Saturday night I went out to a theme party. The theme was technically "yoga hoes and workout bros," but I don't like that name, so I'm gonna call it a "workout bros" party because girls can be bros too, right? I thought I'd do a quick OOTD because I literally just threw this on and ran out of the house and was somewhat in theme. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was nighttime so there wasn't any natural light, and I had to take all the pics myself! 

Shoes: Target (buy it here!)
I wore a pair of slip on sneakers because they're really comfortable and they matched the "yoga" theme because they're not as athletic looking as like Nikes or actual running/tennis shoes are. 

Leggings: Old Navy (buy it here!)
These aren't workout leggings, but they were really comfortable and warm! I was walking to the party, so I needed something so I wouldn't freeze to death, and these also look really casual and cute!

Sports Bra:
I decided to wear a sports bra instead of a normal shirt because it gave a better pop of color and I knew I was going to wear my jacket the whole night. My sports bra is from Old Navy, but I think that it's sold out. 

Jacket: HM (buy here)
This is not an athletic jacket at all, but it's somewhat "athleisure" so it worked! I left it half zipped, so my sports bra was showing, but it was still pretty covered. 

I really love this party theme because I can dress comfortably and I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing at all! Let me know in the comments what you favorite type of theme parties are, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin for more!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Things I'm Thankful For in 2015

Hey guys!
Last year I did a post called "10 Things I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving," and I wanted to do a similar post this year! This is five things instead of ten, but that's because everything I said in the last post is also really applicable this year as well! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, so here we go!

1) Family
I feel like this is number one on most people's list. But this year I've really realized what a large role family plays in my life. I sort of moved out when I moved out of state for college, and my brother is in Japan until June 2016, and I think that everyone in my family has had to prioritize our relationships over everything else in our life. We have all made such an effort to keep in touch, and that just makes me so happy because while I facetime my parents at least every other day, I know people that call their parents maybe once a month at the most. I don't think I could live like that, and I'm just so happy to have such a secure support network in my family. 

2) Health
This is another repeat from last year's post, but it was worth mentioning again. We recently had a health scare in my family and while everything ended up fine, it's incredibly scary and mind blowing to realize how everything can change in an instant. Without your health and your body, it's really hard to do what you want to do in life, and that's something I'm realizing more and more as I get older. 

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3) New Experiences
This year has been full of new experiences for me. I've experienced my first real fall and winter away from home, I've flown by myself for the first time, I've started at a new school, and so much more! I'm so thankful for all these new experiences because they have really helped me grow. I feel so much more independent and grown up now, and I've learned to trust myself, try new things, and learn every single day. Life without new experiences would be quite boring, and this year has seriously been anything but boring for me!

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4) Friends
This kind of goes along with what I said during my paragraph about family. I have constantly been reminding myself to prioritize my friends because it is really hard to keep friendships strong when you're not seeing your friends every day at school, like in high school. I think that I've done a really good job of trying to keep in touch with my friends from home, but I've also realized that friendship is a two way street and there are definitely people I've lost touch with because they don't respond when I try to reach out. 

5) Security
This might seem odd to include on my list, but security is something that I've been valuing more and more. And this isn't personal security, but just security in life. I have never had to worry about not being able to afford what I need, I've never gone to bed hungry, and I've never had to worry about things that most of us think of as "necessities" like food, clothing, water, and shelter. I've been pretty sheltered my whole life going to a private school for elementary, middle, and high school, but I've met people that have come from different backgrounds here in college, and it's made me so thankful for everything that I have. 

I hope that you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you had time to reflect on what you're thankful for this year before heading off to those Black Friday sales! Let me know in the comments what things you're thankful for this year, and also let me know if you want me to do Vlogmas this year!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Should You Go To College or Defer?

Hey guys!
Another college type post today because we are in the midst of the application period and I wanted to cover some really important topics with you! I went through all of this last year when I was applying to college, so I have lots of advice to share and if you have personal questions you'd like me to answer, feel free to leave them below, ask me anonymously on tumblr, or tweet me! 

So today we're talking about whether you should go to college straight out of high school or if you should defer for a year. This kind of assumes that you are going to college, which is a whole other topic in and of itself that I'll write about later. I know people that have done both and there are definitely ups and downs to each. 

I think the first thing to consider is where you are in your life. For me, I knew pretty much from sophomore year what I wanted to major in and what I wanted to do with my life. College straight after high school was the obvious choice for me because I wanted to learn more and I knew that was the next best step for me. Not everyone's like that, though, and I totally get that. If you're unsure of what you want to do with your life or your struggling to find yourself and your purpose, I think that deferring could be really good. One of my friends actually deferred from college to spend a few months living alone in the wilderness. Is this an extreme version of deferral? Absolutely. But it's allowing him to get in touch with himself and that's what's important. 

If you truly believe spending time away from the education system will rejuvenate you and will help you find your calling, defer from college! At the same time, don't use a deferral as a chance to slack. Use it to travel, get a job, experience new things and new cultures instead. 

At the same time, don't go to college just because that's what society says you should do. I am honestly loving my college classes and there's not too many people that can say that. I can't deal with people who don't try during classes, skip classes regularly, and are ungrateful about it. There are so many successful people that have dropped out of college or have not gone to college at all! I don't believe that going to college will make you successful, but I think that it does help you get a conventional job easier. 

You know yourself best, and going to college is a decision that you need to make for yourself. There was never a doubt about me going to college and it was always something I felt strongly about doing, but if you feel differently, that's fine. At the end of the day, you need to do what's best for you regardless of what others or society tells you. 

I hope that this was interesting or helpful for you! If you have any other thoughts or advice about this, leave it in a comment so everyone else can see it! Also, don't forget to follow my blog because there may or may not be a giveaway in the near future!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

College Day In My Life

Hey guys!
I recently did a Weekend in My Life video, so I thought that I'd do a normal day in my life one. This video is short and not super interesting, but keep in mind that I was in class for 5-6 hours that day and I had hours of school work on top of that after I finished. My schedule varies depending on the day of the week (fyi it's a monday for this video), so I can definitely do another one on a different day if you'd like to see that!

I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to help support me! Also, let me know what other videos you'd like to see! I'm trying to stay away from makeup tutorials until I go back to Hawaii in December and I can use my DSLR and have nice lighting and all that, but everything else is on the table! Haha sorry this part is getting kind of long, but I want to do a holiday giveaway, so make sure you're following this blog on Bloglovin!

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Week On Instagram #5

Holy smokes guys! I have actually been really consistent with these posts and it's been over a month since my first one! So this is another My Week on Instagram post where I go through each of my instagram posts and tell you a little about what was going on at that moment and why I wanted to post it! If you haven't read the others, click here to see them all! Also, my instagram is @miss_sienna if you want to follow me!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Monday 11/16:
This picture was actually taken in October at one of the local parks downtown by the river. I honestly posted this because I wanted something to post, as stupid as that sounds. But really, the last picture before this was the one with me and my guy friend, which is great and I'm keeping it up there, but it's not the nicest quality picture, so I didn't want that to be the first one on my feed. That sounds really dumb and shallow, but we're keeping it real here! Also, I've been meaning to post this picture for a while because it's one of my favs!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Tuesday 11/17:
This picture was taken through my window in my room because the sunset was INSANE! I did end up filtering it to make the colors pop more and seem a little more true to life because my phone kind of washed it out a bit. This was the best sunset I've seen in Reno (although nothing can compare to the Hawaii sunsets), and I was so happy I had my window open so I could see it! 

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Thursday 11/19:

This is another throwback post because there's less than a month until I get to go back to Hawaii! This picture was actually taken in Reno in December last year when I was touring the college! Also, unrelated, but I miss these sunglasses because I broke them and had to get rid of them!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Saturday 11/21:
Saturday was really quite boring, but I had lots I needed to get done. I really wanted to post an artsy shot (haha how basic of me), so I snapped this. Let's be real here, I didn't just stage this shot, though. I drank all my coffee and read over 100 pages of Siddhartha as well!

A photo posted by SIENNA ☄ (@miss_sienna) on

Sunday 11/22:
This picture was posted the same day that I'm writing this, so I'm gonna use the present tense. I really didn't do much today because I was really busy trying to study for a huge chemistry test that I have on Tuesday. I really wanted a break (to read more about my study tips, check out this post), so I went on a little walk downtown to get a McFlurry. I am totally aware of how bad this is for me, but I was craving one, so I got it. I took this picture when I was walking back to my dorm at a random stoplight with crazy strangers and a dude that smelt like weed behind me. I thought it would end up really crazy and blurry, but it looked really nice, so I posted it! So, not many pictures were posted this week, but that's okay! I hope that you enjoyed this post, and if you like my "My Week on Instagram" posts, show your support by following me on bloglovin and letting me know in the comments!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stay Alert When Studying

Hey guys!
I know a lot of you are going through midterms right about now, and so am I! I totally understand the struggle of having hours of homework and studying to do. Today, I'm sharing some of my tips for staying alert when studying! These tips probably won't work for you if you're studying in public, but if you study in your room like I do, then this will probably help a little!

1) Move
I find that I feel the most sluggish when I'm sitting down for hours doing homework. I like to take breaks in my homework and get up and move. For me, that's usually doing some handstands or doing some ballet warm ups just to get the blood moving. You can really do anything, though, you can walk around your room, do some jumping jacks, push ups, the options are endless! You just want to get your blood pumping again, so you can refocus on your next assignment. 

2) Time
Sometimes you have projects that take forever, or you're studying for a test and you know you're going to be doing that for hours. I like to set a timer for 45 minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break once the timer goes off. During the break I can pee, get food/drinks, move a little, and then refocus once my little break is over. 

3) Reward
This is the best way for me to get myself to do homework for a class that I'm not super into! I'll tell myself that I can have a piece of candy or that I can watch a tv show once I finish whatever it is that I need to do. That provides a little incentive that I need to push through and finish what I need to get done! 

4) Music
This is going to totally depend on the type of person you are. For me, I like to listen to classical music when I'm reading because it helps me to stay present and remember what I'm reading. Personally, I am a huge Vivaldi fan so that's been my go to lately, but I totally get that music can be distracting for some people. 

5) Sleep
Sometimes you're rightfully tired. It's not because you're trying to do a lot and are bored, but it's because you're physically exhausted. Your brain can't work as efficiently when you're sleep deprived, so if this is the case, it might be better to sleep for a little bit, and study once you're well rested. 

I hope that these tips help a little bit! If you have your own tips that I haven't mentioned, leave them below because I'm sure others would love to read it! Also, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for my bloglovin followers soon :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

MAC Enchanted Eve Eye Compacts and Bags Online First Impressions

Hey guys!
I am back with another online first impressions! We're sticking with MAC because it's easier for me to go brand by brand, but this time we're talking about the Enchanted Eve Shadow Compacts and Enchanted Eye Bags. Once again, click on an image for more information about a product and to purchase!

Enchanted Eve Eyes
Each of the compacts comes with six shadows and a double sided brush. MAC lists the value of it as $44.80, but they retail for $39.50. This comes in three different shades: mauve, navy, and warm. I don't think that any of these palettes have any standout colors, and makeup enthusiasts will likely have dupes for these in their collection. These do look like amazing travel palettes, though, because you can go smokey or neutral with pretty much all of these palettes. I also think that the warm one would be a great gift for someone new to makeup!

Final Thoughts? Good for travelers and newbies!

Enchanted Eve Eye Bag
Each of these bags have a false lashes mascara, an angled brush, a fluidline, and a pro longwear paint pot. This also comes in three different shades smokey, neutral, and plum. The fluidline colors vary depending on the shade and the paint pots do as well, but the mascara, brush, and bag are the same. I really like the bag design this year, and I think that it's something people will actually use. I also am a huge fan of the fluidline formulation and the mascara as well, so I think that this would be a really nice gift. I really like this as a gift idea and I think that so far it's my favorite thing from their holiday collection. 

Final Thoughts? Like this

I still have to do the lip and face products from the Enchanted Eve collection, so those are going to be coming really soon! Let me know in the comments what holiday collections you've been eyeing so I can do online first impressions on them for you!