Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Best School Backpack

Hi guys!
It's almost the start of school for me and I know that most of you have already started. I already did a school supplies haul on my youtube channel (click here), but I thought that I would share my backpack with you because I just got it and I'm super excited. 

First off, this bag is HUGE! It is really long and can fit a lot of stuff, but it works for my life because it is the perfect size for me to bring my laptop to class and also is big enough for when I'm traveling. There are no outside pockets, and only a small one on the inside, so I'm probably going to use pouches to organize any loose items I want to pack. It is a faux leather material and it has perforations, which allow you to use the pins it comes with to decorate it. The outside pockets are perfect for me to keep an umbrella and a water bottle too! This backpack comes in three different colors. I got the black version, but it also comes in a brown and a wine color as well. 

I got this bag on sale for $40, but the full price is $84. Macy's always has some sort of sale going on, so if you're interested in this, I'm sure you can get a good deal! Let me know in the comments what kind of bag you use for school! I was a tote lover for the longest time, but I like backpacks more because it distributes the weight more evenly. Also, don't forget to follow my blog on bloglovin for more!

P.S. I'm running a giveaway until 8/30/16! Enter to win a Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Rise 'n Shine Skincare Review

Hi guys!
Rise 'n Shine recently sent me a few products to try out and review, so I thought I'd share my thoughts. The video below is a general review, but I thought I'd also type out my thoughts for those of you that don't want to sit through a video! I also have coupon codes that will be listed below and are in the description of the video if you're interested! 

When this came, I was genuinely confused because it looked weird. It was bubbly, yet solid, and was not the most attractive thing. But once I started to use it and warm it up, it worked a lot better and blended in well. The scent of this is STRONG! It is HIGHLY vanilla, so if you're sensitive to that, maybe stick with the unscented version. It didn't leave me feeling oily at all, but it did take a while to sink in, so if you don't like that feeling, pass on this. I think this is a product that would be better in the winter when my skin is drier because I found I didn't need the extra moisture as much in the summer. 

20% VITAMIN C SERUM: *20% off w/ code: RNS20SER
I really liked this product. I think that it works, it is a good deal, and something that I could see myself using forever. With that being said, I don't trust myself to fly with it, so I gave it to my mom to use here at home while I'm at college (although I might end up using it if there's any left when I get home at christmas). In terms of what I've noticed, I thought it smoothed out my skin and left my skin feeling really soft and looking glowy. I don't know how it would impact my skin long term, but short term, I think that this is awesome. 

Overall, I really enjoy both of these products and would recommend them and Rise 'n Shine with you! Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything form the brand, and also don't forget to enter my Simply Straight Giveaway (ends 8/30/16) down below! 
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Week on Instagram #38

Hey guys!
Over the summer this series has gotten a little slow and I've missed a couple of weeks, but I am committed to getting my blog back on track! Today's post is another MWOI, which for all of you newbies, is my weekly series where I share the behind the scenes of a week's worth of instagram posts. I only have one picture to share with you, but I promise I'll be posting a lot more in the coming weeks!

A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on

This picture was taken at my absolute favorite tide pool at home. The weather was bizarre, cycling between being sunny, overcast, and rainy, but it made for some really pretty pictures. The water was foamy and perfect and the sand at this beach is coarse, which is cool because then you can see all the shell fragments in it!

So that's it for this week's post! Make sure to follow me on instagram @miss_sienna so you don't miss any future posts! Also, I'm giving away a simply straight brush (giveaway ends 8/30/16) so if you'd like to enter, use the widget below!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Simply Straight Straightening Brush Review and Giveaway

For as long as I can remember, I've suffered from frizzy hair. I always liked straightening my hair, but I never liked the idea of applying that much heat with the clamp and it took too much time to fit into my schedule on a regular basis. I was recently sent a Simply Straight to review (and one to give away) and thought I'd share my thoughts with you. 

Background info: The Simply Straight is a ceramic straightening brush that provides a revolutionary way to straighten and smooth all types of hair in minutes, without flattening, frying or damaging tresses. Perfectly straightens hair fast and easy! It combines the power of salon heat straightening up to 450° with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening hair as easy as brushing it. The unique ceramic-wrapped bristles easily detangle and lift hair at the root to evenly deliver gentle heat around every strand, for straight, healthy, shiny hair that’s manageable and loaded with volume. It has adjustable temperatures for specific hair types and heats up to the ideal temperature in seconds.The Simply Straight™ brush heats up fast and has an “auto shut off” feature that activates after 60 minutes of power.

First Impressions: 
My first thought was "wow this thing is fast!" Once I plugged it in and turned it on, it heated up in seconds! It was insanely fast! The temperature is auto set at 350° when you turn it on, but changes in 20° increments with the + or - buttons. I tried this brush with the bristles both facing down and up, and I found that brushing from underneath the hair with the bristles pointing up is a way better method. I have really thick hair, so I needed to separate my hair into two layers to straighten, but if you had thinner or thicker hair you may need to alter that. I think that there is a bit of a learning curve trying to figure out how to hold the brush, but you could easily straighten your entire head in 5 minutes. 

Can you tell which side of my head was straightened and which wasn't? 

Final Thoughts: 
I really like this and I think that if you're someone that straightens semi regularly, this could make a huge difference in your routine. After I finished my entire head, I still went in with a hair oil to calm the frizz (that's not because of the tool, it's because of the insane humidity) and I ended up super happy with the way my hair looked. The concept of this seemed a little too good to be true when I first heard about it, but I am such a believer now! I really am impressed with the way that this works. If you'd like more information on the Simply Straight or to purchase one, you can click here. 

Completely finished with a hair oil and clip added in!

I am able to give a Simply Straight away to one of you! This giveaway is US only and no P.O. boxes and will run from 8/18/16 to 8/30/16. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried a Simply Straight and what your thoughts on it are! 

*The information, product, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Ontel. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

My Week(s) on Instagram #37

Hi guys!
I've missed a couple of posts in this series because I really haven't been posting on my instagram much lately. Since the last post I have three new pictures to share with you! If you're new here, MWOI is a weekly series where I share the behind the scenes of some of my instagram pictures posted during that week. 

A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on

In college I'm a part of the Hawaii club so on Saturday the club president (a guy I went to high school with) planned a picnic before everyone left. The picnic ended up being really small, but it was a lot of fun and the weather was actually perfect despite it pouring rain both before and after the picnic. 

A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on
A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on

It was my birthday on August 14th, so I double posted! The first picture was from brunch with my mom. We went to this super *trendy* place called Cafe Lani at one of the malls here, and while the food was good, I don't know that I'd go back there again. I got a french toast and my mom got a croque madame and we both ate a lot of bread because they have all you can eat bread (and good bread like croissants, bacon bread, and raisin bread). The second picture was not super recent, it was from June when I was in California at Universal Studios, but I liked it and I wanted to post something semi birthday related!

So I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm going to make an effort to try and post on instagram more often, so hopefully you'll be seeing lots more of these posts in the future! Also, follow me on instagram @miss_sienna so you don't miss anything!

Friday, August 5, 2016

School Supplies Haul + Free Firmoo Glasses

Hi guys!
It's back to school season and I did a little shopping! I'm waiting to do the bulk of my school supplies shopping until I get back to college, but I got a few things to share with you! I also have a coupon code for a free pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo! All the deets will be at the end of the post!

So now for the free glasses code! It is good for a frame from this page and a lens, all you need to do is pay for shipping! Use code SIENNA from now until 8/26 to get it! 

Let me know if you use the code to get a free pair of glasses and also let me know in the comments what other videos you'd like to see in the future! 

*Firmoo sent me the glasses for consideration. This post/video was not sponsored. The code is 100% for you guys, I don't make anything off of it. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Week on Instagram #36

Hi guys!
I've been a bit MIA here for the past couple weeks, but I've been swamped with school and work, so I haven't had time to write. But today I have another MWOI post! I haven't posted on instagram a ton lately, but I have two pictures to share with you!

A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on


This picture was from a couple of weeks ago! It was taken right before a fancy dinner that I had with my family, so I was more dressed up than I usually am. I made this picture black and white so that it would look nicer with my feed, but also because the colors weren't as sharp as I would've liked it to be because of the whole lighting situation. 

A photo posted by SIENNA 👽 (@miss_sienna) on

Pressed Juicery opened super conveniently to me, so I got a freeze! I got the greens one this time with raspberries, blueberries, and shredded coconut. It was amazing! I had gotten the chocolate one before, and I have to say that I like the greens one a lot better! 

I hope that this post was interesting, and let me know in the comments what types of blog posts and videos you'd like to see! This week is going to be pretty busy, but school ends this week so I'll have lots of time to focus on this after that! Lastly, my instagram is @miss_sienna if you'd like to see more!