Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some Thoughts


Me doy cuenta que muchos de mi lectoras no leen español, pero hoy yo decidí a escribir en español mas. Hay muchos errores, pero quiero ser un poco de fluidez en español y escritura un poco me va a ayudar mucho. Voy a tratar de escribir un post en español cada semana, y si alguno de ustedes son bueno en español, quiero saber si hacer errores! Realizo que no soy el mejor en español, pero quiero mejorar! 

I know that lots of my readers don't read spanish, but today I decided to write in spanish more. There are lots of errors, but I want to be somewhat fluent in spanish and writing a bit will help me a lot. I'm going to try write a post in spanish each week, and if any of you are good at spanish, I want to know if I make mistakes! I know I'm not the best at spanish, but I want to get better! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Food Essentials for College

Hi guys!
I'm doing another college related post, but I've been getting into the hang of things and I wanted to share with you! Today's post is going to be all about food essentials! I do have a meal plan because my college forces all first years dorming to have one, but I have gone out and bought a few supplement type things that I'll be sharing today! Also, food is super personal, so this is just what works for me! Final little disclaimer is that I took these photos really quickly, so they're not the best quality/lighting/etc...

Breakfast Food:
I start at either 9:00am or 10:00am depending on the day. Also, my dining hall doesn't have very good breakfast foods, so I don't usually eat there. I like to keep some breakfast staples in my room so I can eat something quickly before leaving. I have a lot of cereal because at school, if I don't use all my meal swipes for a week, I can redeem them for cereal and other stuff. I bought rice milk because I don't drink cow milk, and it's also really cheap and tasty! BANANAS are my biggest staple food! I have around 9 of them in my room right now because I eat at least one a day (but sometimes more!) Bananas are so cheap, and calorie dense that it's a perfect staple food to have!

Three days a week, I have over four hours of school straight, so I need some food to eat in between classes! I have some goldfish, mint oreos, pecan pralines, and dried mango. There's also more stuff in the fridge that I'll get to in a sec!

In the freezer, the only thing that's mine is the pizza rolls! I've eaten almost the whole bag in a week!

In the fridge, I have some snack foods (gogo squeeze and cuties), my rice milk, and some diet coke! 

I also have some canned type things. I have instant ramen, instant miso soup, and four cans of progresso soups in case I need a meal!

I hope that this post was interesting or useful in some way to you guys! Let me know in the comments if you're in college and what your food essentials are! Also, I'm trying to film a dorm room tour, but it's going to take some time!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi guys!
Another college related post today, but I really wanted to do one on the necessities! Obviously I'm a freshman and I just moved in, so what do I know, but regardless, I wanted to share some of my necessities!

1) Mattress Topper and Bedbug Cover
This is like a two-in-one type thing for me. I really feel strongly about bedbug covers that completely encase your mattress because you don't know who or what was in your mattress before you! And if you get a bedbug encasement, you'll want a mattress topper because it makes it so much more comfortable. 

2) Trunk 
I really like trunk type things for storage. My roommates and I all have the same ones from Walmart (here's the link) and it's really great because it has wheels, so you can roll it around if you need to! It also makes it super easy to put your stuff in storage later on! 

3) Fridge/Microwave/Coffee Maker/Printer
Obviously you don't need all of these, but if there's something that you think will make your life a lot easier, it's worthwhile to have in your room. For my room, it was all of this (plus a mini rice cooker), but it was split three ways, so cost-wise it wasn't too much!

4) Table Lamp
Super important if you're going to be studying in the room while your roommates are sleeping!

5) Cleaning Supplies
I think it's pretty much common knowledge to bring toiletries, but it's just as important to bring some cleaning supplies! If you're in a dorm with a communal bathroom, maybe some dish soap and a sponge is all you need, but if you're like me in a suite, then you're going to need to go all out! 

So these were my dorm room necessities! Let me know what yours are in the comments below, and let me know if I'm missing anything! Also, don't forget to follow my blog for more!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

California Dreaming

Hey guys!
I have another video for you today! This is a little video compilation of my trip to Los Angeles! I've been posting a lot on my travel blog (and I still have a few posts to write), so if you're interested in hearing more about this trip, click here! 

Also, I know that I mentioned it before, but I wanted to mention that I haven't been posting on my blogs or youtube much lately because it's the first week of school and I'm still trying to get used to the whole "college thing". 

I hope you enjoyed this video, and please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you do! Also, let me know what types of videos and blog posts you'd like to see! 

Dorm Room Wishlist

Hey guys!
Lots of you know that I have just moved into my dorm, and I thought that it'd be fun to do a dorm room wishlist for you! To see all my other wishlists (and there's a TON), click here!

So, some of these are just NECESSITIES! Like sheets and some sort of storage, and cups, but a lot of these are really cool statements too! Like that mirror, or the rug, or even the succulents make really amazing statement pieces without being too disruptive. Obviously, space is an issue, and I'm luckily in a room that fits three people comfortably, but if you can have at least one item that makes a room comfortable, homey, and fun, then you should be good!

I'm going to hold off on filming a dorm room tour until next week or the week after just because we're still transitioning, and setting everything up. With that said, it's definitely going to happen eventually! 

To all my other college friends, good luck, and let me know in the comments what's on your dorm wishlist!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Disneyland Pictures!

Hi guys!
I have so many pictures from Disneyland that I really wanted to share with you! Instead of spamming your instagram feeds with my pictures, I decided it would be fun to put them here! I'm also working on a little video full of clips from my trip, so stay tuned for that!

Also, check out my travel blog (sisi travels) for a more in depth look into my trip!

Friday, August 14, 2015

18 Things I've Done Before I Turned 18

Hi guys!
I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate my birthday! It's actually my birthday today, and I'm at Disneyland, but I wanted to get this up for you! This post is going to be 18 things I've done before I turned 18. Some of these things are happy, some are sad, some are boring, but all of them have helped shape me into the person I am today! Let's get started (these aren't in any particular order!)

  1. I traveled by myself. Sure, it was a short mini trip to Portland, but I loved being able to meet new people and do things that I like without the safety net of family or friends with me. 
  2. I found my dream hobby! I found blogging and youtubing which is something that I am extremely passionate about! Very few people can say that they've found their passion at such a young age!
  3. I got a brother and sister!
  4. I allowed myself to hurt (emotionally). With the unexpected end to my cheerleading "career", I've dealt with some issues. I allowed myself to feel like a failure, be depressed, and hurt deeply and violently. Then I picked up the pieces and started to get my shit together. 
  5. I allowed myself to hurt (physically). I've gone through some of the worse pain in life and lived to tell the tale. I've dislocated my shoulder and sublaxed it on a few occasions, had surgery on said shoulder, and had needles jabbed into my neck and hands/arms... Not fun. 
  6. I got my first job! Sure, retail isn't my favorite thing in the world, but I was able to save money, buy whatever I wanted without a second thought, and become more financially independent than I was before. 
  7. I survived tuberculosis! Haha not really. But I was exposed to it when I was an infant, and had to take many rounds of antibiotics to kill it. Fun Fact: on those arm tests, I always test positive. Another fun fact: when you can't get those arm tests, they make you get chest xrays...
  8. I graduated! I think that all educated people take their education for granted, but I don't. I graduated high school before I turned 18 and I thoroughly realize all the resources, time, and effort needed for me to accomplish this!
  9. I found my squad. I have found a group of people that care for me and love me. I've realized the traits that I find most appealing in my friends and I have found an amazing squad that makes me a better person by just being around them. 
  10. I learned another language. I got to the point where I'm pretty decent at spanish. I'm definitely not fluent in it, and if I'm reading I might not know some words, and if I'm speaking I might conjugate wrong. But I know enough spanish to communicate effectively, and I think that's pretty great!
  11. I've failed. Looking back on high school, I never made it on to the Varsity Cheerleading squad or Symphony Orchestra, and I failed my AP Euro test. These things seemed like such big deals at the time, but failure has only made me stronger and more driven. 
  12. I've grown close with family. I think that the first 18 years of your life are the hardest because you live in such close proximity to your family and you're a dependent. There are definitely some issues that come along with that, but I've gotten to a point where I'm close with most of my family and I'm on good terms with everyone. 
  13. I've learned. I've taken some strange classes in high school (biotechnology, glass blowing, yoga...) but by trying everything, I've learned what I like and don't like and what will make me happy in the future. 
  14. I enrolled in college. I found a college that I love, that I can afford, and that will help me *hopefully* help me get a degree that will get me my dream job. 
  15. I found what I like! I'm not a huge partier, and I'm sure that this doesn't come as a shock to any of you! I found that I prefer dinner parties or just smaller gatherings with close friends rather than major ragers, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that! 
  16. I made meaningful relationships. Kind of goes along with the squad post (#9), but I have found ways to make really good relationships with amazing people. Sometimes this is online through blog/youtube things, sometimes it's offline with teachers or co-workers, but nonetheless, these are the things I love and cherish. 
  17. I stopped comparing. The world is becoming increasingly more digital, but I've stopped comparing my life to anyone else's. I try to live in the moment as much as possible, and I know that what I'm doing is just as valuable as what anyone else is. 
  18. I've grown. I'm not going to say that I've grown up, but I do think that I've matured quite a bit. After I stopped cheerleading, I really started to take responsibility for my health, education, and life in general. I've actually been told on many occasions that "I'm such an adult" by friends :P
I'm sorry this post was so long, but I felt like I needed to explain some of these points! If you read the entire thing, thank you! And let me know what you think of it in the comments! My birthday is today (8/14) actually, and I'm in California at Disneyland, so I haven't been posting much! To see more of my trip, follow me on Snapchat at misssienna because I've been posting mucho!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Too Faced Wishlist!

Hi guys!
I'm coming at you with another wishlist today! This time it's too faced! This brand has the cutest packaging (along with Benefit), and there's a lot that I want to try from the brand! Here's some items that look promising!

I've never tried any eyeshadows from too faced, but I've heard really good things about it from friends, so that is definitely on my to try list! The palettes in general look amazing, especially the face palettes! The "no filter" one looks especially intriguing! I've heard mixed reviews about the mascaras, but I think that's something I'd like to try for myself (especially the better than sex). And the Melted lipsticks are my favorite lip product ever! Especially the nude color and melted berry!

Let me know in the comments what items from too faced you want to try out next, and please follow me on bloglovin if you like my wishlist series!